What Is Best for Your Cat - Embrace Pet Insurance Reviews in 2021

Cat insurance is a necessity for anyone who wishes their pet to live longer. Our Embrace review should help you in choosing a pet insurance company.

Embrace Pet Insurance Reviews: Do They Deem the Company Worth It?


If you are considering adopting or buying a pet, it makes perfect sense to check what kind of pet insurance you can get. And if you already have a pet, particularly a cat or a dog, Embrace is one of the options to consider. This company’s roots go back to as far as 2003, and its current online customer portal has been functioning since 2015.

The coverage you’ll be getting here applies to accidents, pets getting ill, as well as routine exams and preventative measures. There are also several features and offers that make the company seem like quite a good investment. Another reason why we decided to research it was a healthy amount of Embrace reviews due to it being a quite established entity. They are a great addition to our experience with Embrace and should be helpful to you when trying to decide or learn more.

What You Get with Embrace Pet Health Insurance

How much it will cost you to keep your animal healthy with Embrace will depend on a variety of factors, starting from its kind, breed, gender, age, and so on. There is enough information on the site that should be helpful and provide you with almost exact figures, and you can always get a quote. But before you do that, we’ll try to help you understand whether this company is for you.

As mentioned before, the company focuses on cats and dogs, which is a common choice. Most customers actually find Embrace great or at least good enough, pointing out its definite benefits over other pet insurances. What are the notable things about it? Well, let’s see.

Individual Adjustable Policies

The company offers tailored plans that let your pet stay covered in case of accidents or illnesses, and you get to adjust the payments according to your budget.

Embrace Wellness Rewards

This plan allows getting your money back for such routine care procedures as grooming, vaccinations, training, wellness exams, massage therapy, wearable monitors, microchipping, and more.

A Diminishing Deductible

Embrace offers an annual deductible rather than a per-incident one, which means that you pay this non-reimbursed amount once per a policy term. Besides, if you go without claiming reimbursements for the whole year, the next year your deductible will be lower by 50 dollars, which is quite nifty.

Curable Conditions

Previously existing conditions are off the list, as to be expected. However, curable conditions can be approved for reimbursement should there be no symptoms or treatment for them for a year.

Embrace pet insurance coverage includes:

  1. Accident and illnesses
  2. Dental problems
  3. Breed-specific conditions
  4. Cancer
  5. Chronic diseases
  6. Alternative therapies
  7. Behavioral therapy
  8. Emergency veterinary assistance
  9. Surgery
  10. Specialist services
  11. Diagnostic testing
  12. Prescription drugs
  13. Prosthetics

Embrace Pet Insurance Waiting Period and Other Concerns


Like with any similar company, there are waiting periods from the moment your policy becomes effective and till you can file a claim that would be accepted and reviewed. Therefore, this can’t really be considered a drawback, especially since the waiting period for both dog and cat accidents at Embrace is only 2 days. However, depending on the state, this period may also be 14 days long. For illnesses, it’s 2 weeks everywhere, which is quite normal, and some companies have up to a month or more.

Although this is a regular practice, some customers and reviewers view it as a negative. Speaking of which, let’s take a look at some other complaints we can get behind.

There’s an enrollment fee of $25. Granted, they have various plans and let you adjust it the way you see fit, but everyone has to pay 25 bucks for simply choosing Embrace.

There’s a bilateral condition policy, meaning that if one double organ was subject to an injury or some condition, you won’t get reimbursed if the other gets a similar diagnosis since it will be considered pre-existing.

And now we’ve come to one of the most common complaints. Multiple customers described cases when Embrace declined their claims after discovering something in the pet’s medical history that they qualified as a pre-existing condition for the current problem. Obviously, all such companies are in this business for the money. So, they all have some tricks they apply to stay afloat and well. Some of those comments may be quite true, others may come from people who hadn’t read all the fine print or were simply mad for not getting reimbursed. However, the prevailing part of feedback is still positive, and that’s reassuring.

Preventative Pet Insurance aka Wellness Rewards

There are some items and procedures that are not covered by the accident and illness plans, but an average pet owner will spend money on those regularly for better care. With wellness rewards, you can apply for reimbursements right away without fearing a lack of money in your savings to spend on a pet. Here are some of the reimburses you can count on:

  1. spay/neuter surgery
  2. grooming
  3. prescription food
  4. vaccinations
  5. training
  6. anticipatory teeth cleaning
  7. activity monitors
  8. prevention of fleas, ticks, etc.

Currently, the three available preventative plans cost $250, $450, and $650 a year.

To find out more about the way you can benefit from those, you can check the Embrace website or reach out to them and ask directly.

Embrace pet insurance contact methods:

  1. A message form on the site
  2. Contact center phone
  3. An office visit
  4. Direct messaging on social media

Types of Pet Insurance for Cats

  • Feline pets are subject to all of the available Embrace pet insurance plans.

Accidents and Illnesses

If your cat is an adventurous one, it can get into trouble and suffer from injuries. If it’s not, it’s still not protected from all kinds of illnesses like cancer, diabetes, etc., especially as it gets older.

Wellness Rewards

This type of allowance lets you cover expenses from regular vet visits, routine care procedures, vaccinations, and other items that keep your kitty healthy and lively. It may seem costly at first, but most customers soon realize they could’ve spent more on their own without it when they consider how much is a check up for a cat.

The Verdict - So Would We Recommend Embrace Pet Insurance?


Insuring your dog’s or cat’s health is a necessity, the question is whether you can trust this company with it. It’s definitely got some great coverage, especially if you combine several plans. That way, you will be covered for the serious stuff and for the pet’s wellness. The prices seem quite reasonable when compared to other companies. However, it’s often complained that moving to a different location may cause an increase in premium plans. This is actually mentioned on the site, so you can check the zip code and get a quote before relocating to see if Embrace will still be affordable to you in a new place.

It’s good to see such a thing as a diminishing deductible that lets you pay less next year if this one went by incident-free. That’s just a pleasant bonus that in time can overshadow that $25 entry fee. All in all, there are some minor issues, but no insurance company is perfect. However, most customers are satisfied with the package they get at Embrace, and you may soon share that feeling after considering all the pros and cons.

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