Halo Cat Food Review in 2021

Are you looking for balanced and healthy nutrition for your cat? Read this Halo cat review and learn if this brand is worth your attention.


  • Species appropriate diet: 3/5
  • Quailty of ingredients: 4/5
  • Variety of recipes: 4/5
  • Pricing: 4/5
  • Customers experience: 5/5
  • Recalls history: 3/5

What Is Halo Cat Food Story?


The history of the Halo cat food brand started with an inspirational and touching story of one feline parent and his desperately sick cat Spot more than 30 years ago.

Spot had serious health issues, namely, problems with his digestive system and skin. The pet also suffered from severe shedding and had a foul odor caused either by dental problems or kidney failure. Just like any cat lover, our human hero consulted numerous experts with a cry for help. They prescribed premium food diets, but none of them helped.

Then, being almost in a state of despair, Spot’s owner asked his friend for assistance. What they found out is that there was a huge difference between what the pet food manufacturers claimed and what ingredients they used in the long run. They were surprised to reveal that premium cat food that was supposed to be made of wholesome meat or fish included meat meals and other highly-processed ingredients that delivered no value to the sick cat.

After this discovery, friends decided to deal with this situation and created the first Halo Spot’s Stew dish. Spot enjoyed his new meal, and his health had significantly improved in the end. As other people heard this story, they asked for the recipe for the “magic” dish. And that’s how the Halo story started.

Over the years, they established the reputation of a trusted and caring pet healthcare company producing high-quality pet food that contains wholesome meat and has no GMO ingredients. Thanks to this, they gained many loyal customers.

In 2019, Halo was purchased by Better Choice Company, the one that owns TruPet, Elvis Presley's Hound Dog, and TruGold.

What is Manufacturing Facility Location?

Halo’s headquarters is located in Tampa, Florida, and its products are stamped with the label “made in the USA.” However, they source their ingredients from other countries. For instance, they get meat, poultry, fish from the US, Canada, and New Zealand. According to their website, Halo gets its plant-based ingredients from Europe due to the fact that GMO crops are prohibited there by the law. Thus, they get plants that are absolutely safe for cats. All ingredients have a certificate that shows the country of origin and testifies to the quality of every imported piece of food.

Halo claims that they get all the ingredients from the farms that raise their animals without antibiotics or other additives for faster growth. Seafood is also purchased from sustainable fisheries that guarantee the quality of every ingredient.

To prove that these are not just words, Halo’s products are certified by:

  • GAP (Global Animal Partnership) to prove that animals that become the source of protein in Halo cat food are raised according to all the comprehensive standards.
  • MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) to ensure that seafood is provided by certified sustainable fisheries.

If you are wondering, “Halo cat food where to buy?” you can shop locally by finding a pet store near you at their website. You are also free to buy this food online from official retailers on Amazon, Chewy, PetSmart, PetCo, and more. Halo also distributes its products to Canada, China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and the Philippines.

What is Halo Recall History?

Preview 2

The cases of Halo cat food recalls are not numerous. Actually, there is only one registered report that was issued in 2015 due to the high moisture level. But that was a voluntary recall and referred to only one Halo dry recipe.

What Kind of Cat Food Does Halo Offer?

If you are looking for a cat food company that would offer you a variety of meals to meet the specific nutritional needs of your feline, Halo is what might be a sound solution for you. They produce dry and wet food for cats of all life stages (kitten, adult, and senior), as well as develop formulas for pets with special health conditions. You’ll find food for indoor cats, those with sensitive stomachs or forced to stick to a low-calorie diet. In case your cat is intolerant to protein, or you would like them to join your meat-free lifestyle, your feline will love the wholesome vegan formula offered by Halo.

Halo Wet Cat Food Reviews

Halo brand recommends adding at least a portion of wet food to the cat’s diet to prevent cat’s dehydration and support felines with a special state of health. So they designed a line of wet cat food with a great variety of flavors to meet different dietary needs.

Halo canned food is grain-free and is made of fresh meat or fish (rather than meal). There are delicious pâté and stew recipes for kittens and adult cats. You can pamper your pet with chicken, turkey, whitefish, quail, lamb, crab, and beef meal, pleasing even the most sophisticated gourmet.

Halo Impulse wet cat food line is designed for felines with sensitive stomachs and is represented by two flavors: rabbit & garden greens and quail & garden greens. Let’s take a closer look at the first flavor option.

Halo Impulse Rabbit & Greens Canned Cat Food

The Halo grain-free rabbit recipe is made of whole meat and doesn’t include meals in any way. The company assures that they use GMO-free vegetables grown on real farms without any pesticides or growth accelerators. Because this formula is specially made for cats with sensitive stomachs, the meal includes barley grass, dandelion, parsley that provide easy digestion bringing more antioxidants into the feline’s body. It is also designed to support the eyes and heart of adult pets as well as boost their energy levels so that they live an active and interesting life. Most felines love these meals, but there are Halo Impulse cat food reviews complaining that cats won’t eat this recipe for some reason.

First 5 Ingredients:

Rabbit, chicken, chicken broth, chicken liver, water, dried egg product.

The formula also includes vitamins, veggies, minerals, amino acids every cat needs for a balanced diet. There is a small number of fillers like grass that cats might eat when they are in the wild, so it’s not critical.

This stomach-sensitive formula includes dried-egg products, which is a common allergen for cats.

Good Stuff about This Halo Impulse Cat Food:

  • High meat content
  • Formula developed specially for cats with sensitive stomachs
  • Contains no grains

What You Might not Like about This Halo Impulse Cat Food:

  • Some customers complain their pets had Halo cat food problems
  • Might be too dry for your cat
  • The price is higher compared to an average wet cat food

Halo Dry Cat Food Reviews

Halo’s dry cat food line is presented by eight products. The food includes kitten, indoor, adult, senior cat formulas, as well as recipes for pets with sensitive stomachs. The company produces its kibble of wholesome meat, fish, and poultry because it’s more digestible and richer in protein. They are convinced the feline will get the maximum of all the nutrients that are included in the formula in this way.

The flavors you can treat your feline with include wild salmon & whitefish, chicken & chicken liver, and seafood medley. The variety is not that great as for the wet food line, but that's the common problem for all companies.

Halo Grain Free Senior Holistic Chicken Cat Food

If your furry friend has turned into a senior family member, it’s time to think about adapting its diet. A Halo 7+ Senior Cat Holistic Grain Free Chicken & Chicken Liver Recipe is what you should definitely consider. This balanced and nutritional-rich formula is what your pet needs as they are over 7 years. It’s lower in calories and fat to adjust to slowed-down metabolism and decreased activity. This ensures your feline stays in good shape. High protein levels support cat's muscles.

This recipe is a blend of whole chicken meat and liver, non-GMO veggies and fruits, the essential vitamins, minerals every cat needs to make the most of its life. This cat food by Halo is free of any artificial flavor, smell, color intensifiers and relies on the natural taste of the ingredients. Thanks to this, this dry food is easy to digest, and it also appeals to the liking of picky eaters who turn their noses away from preservative-dense meals.

First 5 Ingredients:

Chicken, potato protein, dried peas, dried potatoes, tapioca.

Other ingredients include chicken fat and liver, dried egg product, natural flavor, pea fiber, flaxseed, calcium sulfate, salmon oil, vitamins, and minerals.

Compared to other dry food manufacturers, this list of ingredients looks not that bad, but it still contains allergens (like eggs) and ingredients that increase the carbohydrate level of this cat food.

Pay attention to the review date when you are doing your own research. Halo has updated this formula several times, and many customers complain that what their cats once enjoyed turned into a waste of money. Their felines do not want to eat the new recipe.

Good Stuff about This Halo Grain Free Cat Food:

  • Free of by-products, grain, and fillers
  • Quality sources of protein
  • Includes vitamins and minerals to support an aging cat

What You Might not Like about This Halo Grain Free Cat Food:

  • The large kibble size is hard for cats to chew on
  • Many cats refuse to eat this dry food after the change in the formula

Is Halo Good For Your Cat?

We are all cat parents here and do not rely on Halo cat food reviews too much. I usually test what I am going to introduce to the readers or present what I am already using.

Halo is the brand my friends choose for their cats and dogs. Just like for you, my cats mean a lot to me, so I always have my finger on the pulse if anything better appears on the market. As of now, this is one of the best cat food options within a similar price segment. I do a lot of research, carry out tests, investigate the market, and monitor cat lovers’ reviews regularly, but nothing beats Halo so far.

With the variety of wet and dry cat food options, Halo provides kittens, adult, and senior cats with nourishing and balanced meals that allow them to live longer and healthier. There are formulas for indoor, stomach-sensitive, and vegan cats. Almost all recipes are grain-free to support Halo’s claim that its products are easy to digest.

So, if you are looking for high-quality food for your furry friend from childhood to senior years, this is a good choice.

What Are Pet Owners Saying About Halo?

There’s hardly a brand that has 100% satisfied customers. Halo is not an exception. In general, the pitch of all Halo reviews is positive.

Most cat parents say they love this brand for the quality of the ingredients. Natural, wholesome meat, fish, and poultry are definitely better than any sort of by-products or meat meal. The recipe excludes artificial additives, rendered meats, or fats, and cat owners usually pick this brand for pets with skin or coat problems.

review 1

When looking through Halo cat food reviews Reddit, I discovered that Halo products are highly recommended by cat owners to other folks looking for a new diet. Even though this feeding option is expensive for some cat parents, they still choose Halo to feed their felines because of the quality ingredients.

review 2

According to this Halo Grain Free cat food review, the company works great for felines with sensitive stomachs. Because of the healthy formulas, Halo food is suitable for pets with gastroenterological problems. Almost all recipes are grain-free to promote easier digestion. Moreover, there are special formulas produced for pets with tummy issues that include ingredients that help cats metabolize their meal faster and with ease.

review 3

Pet parents choose Halo to complement the diet because it not only meets the dietary needs but also promotes healthy skin and coat. High levels of vitamins and minerals support the cat’s overall health.

review 4

Even though the price for Halo products is higher compared to other brands, Halo fans still choose this brand of cat food because of the company’s standards of ingredient sources. Halo gets meats and poultry from farms that do not feed their animals with antibiotics or hormones that promote faster growth. But mind that wet food, especially pate recipes, are firmer than usual, so pet parents add some water to the meal to prevent dehydration.

review 5

There are also negative reviews of Halo products. I noticed that many complaints on Amazon are related to storage or shipping issues. I suppose it has nothing to do with the manufacturer; that was the defect from the supplier’s side.

review 6

Halo brand advocates are also dissatisfied with formula updates. This is a common issue with dry food products by Halo. However, all negative reviews about the recipe change date back to 2018, and I haven’t seen similar comments as of 2020.

review 7

Looking through Halo canned cat food reviews, I also revealed that some formula updates were made in wet food as well. Canned meals have become more watery. Perhaps, that was an attempt to address the complaints about the too dry texture of some recipes. Anyway, be aware that there’s been a recent change in the canned whitefish formula, and some felines seem to be dissatisfied with that.

review 8

Halo’s recipes do not work for some picky eaters. But with the variety of flavors and tastes, you can try different recipes to find the one your cat will love. Just do not opt for boxes of Halo food right away as you decide to switch to this brand if your cat tends to turn its nose from meals.

review 9

Is Halo Worth Trying?

Halo is doing a great job refusing to use meat meals and by-products. They also source their ingredients from trusted farms that grow animals or plants without any growth hormones or pesticides. They also avoid adding artificial preservatives, dyes, and flavors. That’s why many cat lovers and some of my friends choose Halo’s food for feeding their felines.

However, there are some flaws in Halo’s products. Just like any other dry food, Halo’s kibble has high levels of carbohydrates and protein derived from plants. That’s the diet a carnivore is not likely to have in the wild. There are some issues with wet food as well. Cat parents say that pate recipes are too dry and do not provide their felines with optimal water doses, so they have to add some water to sustain the balance.

All in all, I recommend Halo as a healthy and balanced feeding option for your cat. Nevertheless, just like with any new diet, introduce it to your feline gradually, mixing it with the recipe you used to feed your pet.

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