Triumph Cat Food Reviews in 2021

Triumph promises to produce cat food that would unleash pet’s wild spirit with a balanced diet at a low price. Let’s find out if it keeps its word.


  • Species appropriate diet: 3/5
  • Quailty of ingredients: 3/5
  • Variety of recipes: 3/5
  • Pricing: 4.5/5
  • Customers experience: 3/5
  • Recalls history: 2/5

What Is Triumph Cat Food Story?


Triumph is a pet food brand that positions itself as a cat and dog food manufacturer that fuels a pet’s adventures with a high-quality and balanced diet at an affordable price.

The Triumph story began in 1949 when Omer Bullen and his son-in-law Fred Bostick started a family business in America. The company was initially known for producing animal feed and introduced dog kibble only in 1960. Since then, it has been growing in popularity. The company expanded its product lineup and increased its geographical reach all over the USA and 30 countries all over the globe.

Now Triumph cat food manufacturer has been supplying dogs and cats with their neatly formulated products worldwide. They state that they are just like all pet lovers, would like to feed furry companions with wag-worthy food.

What Is Manufacturing Facility Location?

According to the website, Triumph cat food is manufactured in its own facilities located in the United States. Due to this, they can control the quality of the food they produce from the very start till the moment the products leave the facility to be sold in shops and marketplaces.

The brand announces that it proudly manufactures pet food in the kitchen-like facilities and governs the entire cat food cooking process as if preparing dinner in the kitchen for your family. They are thrilled to deliver cat food that is as quality and nutrient-rich as the food you would eat on your own.

The Triumph’s facilities are SQF Level 3 certified. SQF stands for Safe Quality Food, the certification that proves the quality and safety of food worldwide.

What Is Triumph Recall History?

Triumph Cat Food brand

There are no Triumph cat food recalls, and numerous recalls are connected with wet dog food. As FDA experts evaluated the content of some pet food samples in 2018, they revealed that some formulas had 70 times more vitamin D than required by the norm. Since the excess of vitamin D is dangerous for the pet and could lead to kidney failure or even death, the recipes have been recalled. None of Triumph cat food problems has been revealed.

What Kind of Cat Food Does Triumph Offer?

Triumph promises to awaken the cat’s wild spirit with its dry and canned meals. The About Us page says that they have four principles they stick to produce balanced meals for cats and dogs.

As Triumph aims at producing first-rate cat food, its products are manufactured of wholesome and quality ingredients. They do not add by-products, meals, artificial colors to the recipes to produce natural food that delivers the essential nutrients to the cat. They also manufacture grain-free recipes and offer meals with limited and healthy ingredients to meet the needs of felines with digestion issues or allergies. However, not all formulas are grain-free. You will find products with grains or with common allergens, so always check the label of the food you would like to buy for your cat.

To give you a better understanding of whether the company’s cat food is a good match for your feline, let me share unbiased Triumph cat food reviews with you.

Triumph Dry Cat Food Reviews

If you are looking for a variety of kibble for your feline, Triumph is not the best brand to go with.

They have two product lines within this product category:

      • Free Spirit (grain-free formulas)
      • Wild Spirit (recipes that include grains)

Free Spirit cat food by Triumph is represented by three flavors - chicken with vegetables, salmon with chickpea, and ocean whitefish with egg. These recipes are grain-free and contain no corn, wheat, or soy. The packages come in different sizes and you can also order a case pack.

Wild Spirit cat food formulas are made of natural ingredients without by-products or artificial colors. They include grains, so they have high carbohydrate content. The peculiar feature of this line is that these meals include probiotics to promote healthy digestion. There are only two flavors in this line: chicken with brown rice and salmon with sweet potato.

In this Triumph grain free cat food review, I will dwell on the deboned salmon and chickpea formula from the Free Spirit series. It is produced from natural ingredients and enriched with vitamins and minerals to meet a cat’s nutrition standards. Instead of using grains to be the source of energy for the feline, the company has replaced them with complex carbs that are easy to digest.

Top 5 Ingredients:

Deboned salmon, menhaden fish meal, peas, chickpeas, pea protein

In general, this is a healthy and balanced Triumph salmon formula with quality sources of proteins. The recipe contains 36% proteins and 16% fat with 10% moisture, which is great for kibble. Salmon is the first ingredient on the list, so it makes the major part of the meal to appeal to the cat’s natural instincts of the carnivore. This food is then enriched with vegetables and fruits that contain vitamins and fiber to promote better digestion, immune system, skin and fur condition, and many more.


If your feline is intolerant to fish oil or salmon, you’d better stay away from this cat food and pick the recipe without these ingredients.

Good Stuff About This Triumph Free Spirit Deboned Salmon & Chickpea Recipe:
      • Lists salmon as the first ingredient
      • Doesn’t contain grains or glutens
      • Has high protein content
What You Might not Like About This Triumph Free Spirit Deboned Salmon & Chickpea Recipe:
      • Includes common cat allergens

Triumph Wet Cat Food Reviews

Unlike the previous category, Triumph’s canned food will surprise you with its variety. It features three product lines meant to meet the needs of different felines:

      • Triumph Meals of Victory
      • Triumph Free Spirit
      • Triumph Cat Formulas

Meals of Victory is the premium line of cat food without fillers or grains. It also avoids artificial flavor enhancers and colors. According to Triumph Victory cat food reviews, this lineup is the top pick of feline owners as it includes proteins in its own juice without adding vegetables or any fillers that are unnecessary in the cat’s diet. You can serve these meals as stand-alone dinners or use them as a dry topper to enhance the taste and water content of kibble.

Free Spirit is another food series of Triumph wet cat food (as well as dry). These are grain-free recipes in gravy that are cooked with adding vegetables or fruit, being a great source of vitamins and fiber for the feline. These stew recipes come with the chicken, turkey, and salmon flavor with veggies. They are available both in pouches and cans.

Last but not least is the Triumph Cat Formulas line that contains proteins, fats, and grains. If your pet is lucky to have a strong stomach and doesn’t suffer from grain intolerance, this might be a great choice for your feline. These recipes come both in cans and cups for your convenience.

You’ll find formulas for kittens, adults, seniors, and pregnant felines. There are products with different sources of protein, like chicken, turkey, beef, fish, fruit, and vegetables. Their foods also come in cans, cups, or pouches.

The Triumph canned cat food reviews will be presented by the Meals of Victory Liver Recipe Cat Food. This formula is made of poultry and gentle chicken liver. Because it contains only meat and liver enhanced with vitamins, oils, and minerals, this is a premium-quality meal your feline will be begging for. All the ingredients are natural, and poultry comes from proven sources. Animals are fed quality food without antibiotics or growth stimulators, so it’s safe to feed your furry friend with these meals.

Top 5 Ingredients:

Poultry, water sufficient for processing, chicken liver, calcium carbonate, powdered cellulose

Poultry and liver are great sources of protein. Containing 10% of protein and 82% of moisture, this wet cat food will deliver enough protein to the cat’s cells to build lean muscle or sustain them in good condition and will help avoid dehydration if your pet doesn’t drink much water. The recipe includes locust bean gum as a binding agent. Powdered cellulose is a questionable filler that has a great amount of insoluble fiber. Carrageenan is another ingredient pet owners should stay away from as it might lead to inflammation and toxicity of the digestive system if used frequently.


Even though Triumph uses quality protein sources, it still adds ingredients that are not good for cats, like cellulose and carrageenan.

Good Stuff About This Triumph Meals of Victory Liver Recipe Cat Food:
      • Low carbs content
      • Great protein sources
      • No by-products and grains
      • Excellent macronutrient content
What You Might not Like About This Triumph Meals of Victory Liver Recipe Cat Food:
    • Questionable fillers and ingredients

Is Triumph Good For Your Cat?

I understand that the cat food choice is as important as picking the diet for your kid. And you don’t want to select the random brand, which will then turn out to be bad for cats or other pets. Some manufacturers claim that they produce high-quality food of natural ingredients and stick to their word. Others have nothing more than words to offer and mislead cat lovers with their pitches, having no decent feline food to offer.

So I am always attentive to what the cat food company says and does. In fact, I believe that actions speak louder than words, so I thoroughly investigate the brand’s history and reviews. Most of the brands are the common pick of my friends or family members, so I can judge this or that company and their pet food from my and their experience.

I believe that Triumph does great at translating their values and bringing them to life. They aim at providing cat owners all over the world with quality and cheap food. In general, I am pleased with what they say and what they do. Their cat food is made of quality ingredients and always has a quality protein source as the first ingredient. However, I revealed some questionable ingredients in some formulas that are considered to be a red flag for the cat’s diet. So my best bet is to always check the label before purchasing a new recipe.

Another disadvantage that might turn you away from this brand is the lack of a solid online presence. If you are an Amazon Prime member and frequently shop through this marketplace, you will have a hard time finding some flavors because not all of them are presented there. You’ll never come across a Triumph cat food Petco shop because the brand is not there as well.

So, where to buy Triumph cat food then? Some of the products are available on Amazon and Chewy. That seems odd, but not all Triumph cat food options are featured on their own website. The widest selection of cat meals by this brand could be found on You will also find some of the products in local pet stores.

What Are Pet Owners Saying About Triumph?

As a cat parent, you are responsible for the health and well-being of your furry friend. Feeding them with a healthy and balanced diet is one of the components of a happy cat’s living. Reading articles about the brand and reviews of customers might give you valuable information about the company and their foods.

But conducting your own research might eat a lot of your precious time. If you are a busy person who is still concerned about the cat’s health, let me help you. I’ve gathered Triumph cat food reviews Reddit, from forums, marketplaces, and websites to share the customers’ points of view with you.

The Triumph cat food, both dry and wet, is frequently rated with 3-4 stars. Wet cat food has a higher rating compared to dry food. Let’s see what the customers say about these recipes.

The Triumph ocean fish formula seems to be one of the favorite recipes of cats and their owners. They say that their felines go crazy about this recipe and always finish the meal.

review 1

Finicky eaters seem to enjoy these recipes as well. The ocean fish formula works for cats with allergies, even though it includes eggs.

review 2

Some of the customers are concerned about the texture of Triumph canned food. It looks jelly, but cats enjoy the taste.

review 3

Because the Triumph combines quality and reasonable price, many cat lovers pick this brand for their huge fur-family.

review 4

The major complaint about the dry cat food formula is that cats won’t eat it. Either because the texture is too hard or they don’t like the flavor, many felines refuse to enjoy their meal when this kibble is on their plate.

review 5

The same goes for Triumph wet food as well. Even though the price seems attractive to the pet owners, their fur friends seem to be not impressed with this perk and do not touch their new dishes.

review 6

Also, there seem to be modifications in some formulas and cats refuse to eat new recipes.

review 7

In general, there is 50/50 positive and negative feedback about this brand. The Triumph fans love these foods because they are reasonably priced and contain quality ingredients. But many pet parents complain that their cats don’t like these meals, both dry and wet. There are also some issues with the texture because the gravy texture looks like jelly.

Is Triumph Worth Trying?

Triumph is a pet food manufacturer that promises to deliver quality food for an affordable price. Considering the price tag, this is a great option for those pet parents who have multiple cats in the household and are concerned about the balanced and nutritionally-dense diet.

You can find grain-free recipes or ones that include oatmeal, rice, and other grains. The company also designed food options for kittens, adults, seniors, and pregnant or nursing cats who should stick to a different diet.

None of the recipes contains by-products or artificial colors, but I found some dangerous fillers in several formulas.

So, if you are looking for a food option that is better than an average budget cat’s diet or need to feed multiple felines, then this brand will work for you. However, I have reviewed some better cat food companies but with a slightly higher price tag.

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