Nulo Cat Food Reviews in 2021

Wondering if Nulo cat food is a good match for your fur baby? Read this review to learn more about ingredients, recalls, and overall food performance.


  • Species appropriate diet: 4/5
  • Quailty of ingredients: 3.5/5
  • Variety of recipes: 4/5
  • Pricing: 3/5
  • Customers experience: 4/5
  • Recalls history: 5/5

What Is Nulo Story?

Nulo is a pet food brand that crafts delicious meals with love and affection. This company offers a wide selection of meals to meet the needs of your kitty, adult, or senior cat.

The brand is inspired by the personal story of Michael and his dog Max. Michael started the pet-care company in California, which has become the largest in the industry. As the business was upscaling, the founder learned about trends in the pet niche. He was terrified that the number of pets that had been prescribed at-home insulin shots due to excessive weight or diabetes was increasing and he decided to find the root of that.


As it turned out, pet food was the common root of the health-related issues. Those recipes that were available those days were as healthy as junk food. They were made of fillers that were a source of empty calories. Instead of containing high levels of animal proteins, there was an increased amount of carbs and plant proteins, which are not good for carnivores.

So, Michael started Nulo aiming to create a healthy, balanced, and nutritionally-rich alternative for his own dog Max and other pets. He teamed up with experienced nutritionists, vets, and other food experts to make a revolution in the pet food industry. Their recipes are made to live up to the pet’s natural instincts of carnivores because they are packed with animal proteins and are low in carbs. But I’ll tell you more about their products later. Now, let’s see where they manufacture all their foods.

What Is Manufacturing Facility Location?

According to the company’s website, all Nulo’s kibble, canned food, freeze-dried recipes, bone broth, and hearty stews are made in the American facilities, namely the Pacific Northwest, Central West Coast, Mountain Plains, Midwest, and Southeast regions.

Other formulas packed into pouches, including Perfect Purees, Silky Mousses, are produced in Thailand. This country is a leader in the human food industry, so Nulo picked Thailand facilities to manufacture quality and safe meals for cats and dogs.

Nulo cat food ingredients are sourced globally. Meat, poultry, and fish come from North America. However, the company orders ducks from France and lamb from Australia & New Zealand, which is explained by the higher quality of ingredients. Fruit, veggies, and other things like vitamins and minerals are sourced from North America and other countries, depending on the availability. Some selected vitamins and supplements are imported from China due to the fact that they are not available elsewhere.

What Is Nulo Recall History?

It appears that there isn’t a single Nulo cat food recall.

Preview 2

What Kind of Cat Food Does Nulo Offer?

In this section, we will investigate if Nulo cat food is what your feline really needs. The company promises to be a healthy and natural alternative to other pet food brands that add fillers, grains, by-products, and other things that are alien to a feline’s diet. All Nulo recipes are made of quality animal protein sources and are free of soy, corn, wheat, grains, gluten, preservatives, and other harmful ingredients. One of the Nalo cat food differences is that it contains a specially formulated and patented BC30 probiotic that keeps its properties until it reaches the feline’s intestine.

If you are looking for a variety of cat food, Nulo is definitely a brand to consider. They have around 50 recipes to cover any pet’s needs. You’ll find special formulas for kittens, adult cats that need to stay on a weight management diet, or senior indoor felines. The brand offers products with a limited ingredient list and ones for hairball control.

All Nulo cat recipes, both dry and wet, are broken down into two line-ups: Nulo Freestyle and Nulo MedalSeries.

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Nulo Freestyle recipes include both dry and wet formulas. These are high-meat meals with 80-87% of animal proteins that don’t have grains, or fillers in their ingredient composition.

Nulo MedalSeries is PetSmart exclusive food recipes that are available in dry and wet food varieties. MedalSeries formulas are high-protein meals that might include or be formulated without grains, offering the products your cat craves. This series includes recipes for weight management or indoor felines as well as the ones with limited ingredients.

The company also offers freeze-dried cat food, toppers, and treats to make a balanced and full diet for your furry friend.

Because of such a variety, one might find it hard to settle for one or two favorite recipes for their felines. So I will take a quick look at the most common picks of Nulo cat food both pet owners and their pets love.

Nulo Dry Cat Food Reviews

If you have a picky cat, you’ll definitely find kibble they’ll be excited about. There are 17 recipes you can choose from to please the taste buds of your cat. You are free to choose between popular flavors like chicken, turkey, lamb, duck, tuna, salmon, and some delicate tastes that include crab, cod, halibut, shrimp, scallop, trout, and others.

The Nulo dry food category includes formulas for kittens, adult and senior felines. If you’re looking for a weight or hairball control recipe, you’ll find some decent options here. There are also ingredient-limited meals that are formulated for cats with food sensitivities or intolerance to some ingredients.

Freestyle kibble comes in white bags with some colorful inserts. There are three bag sizes: 2 lb., 5 lb., and 12 lb. The MedalSeries kibble is packed in dark packages with bright straps.

Let me start the reviews with Nulo Freestyle cat food, the high-meat kibble indoor cat duck & lentils recipe. It is one of the most favorite formulas for many cats that stay indoors and never leave the apartment or house. It is rich in proteins derived from duck, chicken, turkey, and cod. This ensures lean muscle development and easier digestion. It is a grain-free formula free of wheat, corn, soy, oatmeal, and other ingredients that are hard for felines to digest. The recipe is enhanced with peas, lentils, kelp, and other plants to be the source of fiber and other essentials.

Nulo Freestyle Grain-Free Indoor Duck & Lentils Dry Cat Food


Deboned Duck, Chicken Meal, Turkey Meal, Deboned Cod, Whole Peas, Lentils, Chicken Fat, Pea Fiber, Natural Flavor, Ground Flaxseed, Dried Chicory Root, Dried Kelp, Dried Sweet Potato, Dried Cranberries.

The first four ingredients of this recipe are meat and fish. They make 82% of the whole protein level. Other 18% are received from plants with a low-glycemic index like peas, lentils, kelp, and potatoes. Carbs are gotten from lentils and sweet potatoes to fuel a feline for everyday adventures and fun games. This recipe is also enhanced with minerals and vitamins to make up a nutritionally complete feeding option for your cat. You’ll also find BC30 probiotics here, which are great for the gastrointestinal system.


This recipe is still high in carbs (20%), so it might not work for your lazy or inactive feline.

Good Stuff About This Nulo Freestyle Duck & Lentils Recipe Grain-Free Indoor Dry Cat Food:
  • Quality protein sources
  • Balanced with a mix of vitamins and minerals
  • Enhanced with probiotics
  • Free of preservatives, artificial colors
What You Might not Like About This Nulo Freestyle Duck & Lentils Recipe Grain-Free Indoor Dry Cat Food:
  • Too many plants
  • Carbohydrate level is higher than needed for an indoor cat

Nulo Canned Cat Food Reviews

Nulo wet recipes, just like its dry food, will astonish you with the selection of flavors and textures. These formulas come in a combination of meat, poultry, fish, and other seafood. Your cat will lick the plate if you open it and fill the bowl with chicken & turkey, duck & tuna, turkey & halibut, and other flavors.

Nulo wet cat food can be purchased in different textures. There are chunks in gravy, pâtés, shredded meat or fish, minced pieces in gravy, mousses, or just broths. They are available both in cans and pouches, so you can pick the container you are convenient with.

To make this Nulo wet cat food review complete, let’s analyze products from the Medal Series line. According to Nulo Medal Series cat food reviews, the shredded beef & rainbow trout recipe in gravy is one of the favorite cats’ meals. This formula is available exclusively at PetSmart stores as there are no cat Medal Series recipes on their website. This food is made of functional ingredients that nourish cats and provide them with the pack of nutrients they need for overall well-being. Along with quality animal proteins, this formula is rich in fiber, fats, acids, and moisture. It’s free of by-products, fillers, or other unknown ingredients that might pose a hidden danger.

Nulo Medal Series Shredded Beef & Rainbow Trout Recipe In Gravy


Beef, Beef Broth, Herring Broth, Beef Liver, Dried Egg Whites, Rainbow Trout, Dried Ground Peas, Spinach, Natural Flavor, Guar Gum, Chicken Fat, Ground Flaxseed.

85% of proteins in this formula come from animal meat like beef, beef liver, and fish. This type of protein is the most palatable by cats and is a natural part of their diet. Dried egg whites, peas, and other veggies are used to balance the protein level and deliver other essential nutrients like carbs. Guar Gum is added as a thickening element to make sure the meal looks appealing and tastes good for your pet.


Because wet food spoils quickly once opened, it’s better to keep meal leftovers in the fridge to keep it fresh till the next serving.

Good Stuff About This Nulo Medal Series Shredded Beef & Rainbow Trout Recipe in Gravy:
  • Quality animal proteins
  • Beef flavor many cats love
  • Free of grains or preservatives
  • No tapioca or starch
What You Might not Like About This Nulo Medal Series Shredded Beef & Rainbow Trout Recipe in Gravy:
  • Expensive
  • Too many plants added

Is Nulo Good For Your Cat?

So, once you are done with all Nulo cat food reviews, you might be ready to finally make up your mind. However, there’s something more I would like to share with you. I’ll start with my own impression of this cat food brand.

Nulo seems to be a nice pet food manufacturer producing quality meat-based meals for cats and dogs. What I like about this company is the variety. Nulo offers a wide selection of foods to meet the needs of every feline. Whether a kitty has just entered your home, or you need a simple and balanced recipe to feed your senior cat, Nulo has you covered. They also market limited ingredient options or formulas for weight management to meet the dietary needs of your pet.

Nulo recipes, dry and wet, are made of quality ingredients. They use meat and fish as the primary source of proteins and fats mixed with veggies, fruit, and grains in some recipes. Their foods are free of artificial additives, preservatives, carrageenan, colors, or other undesirable stuff. To promote healthier gut flora, Nulo formulated a patented BC30 probiotic that doesn’t lose its properties even if stored for a long time.

The price of Nulo cat food is moderate. It means that there are more budget-friendly options (but are they good?) and more expensive recipes (but do they really worth it?). It’s up to you whether to give Nulo cat food a try or not, but I would recommend you to pamper your feline with one or several of these formulas. They offer small 2 lb packages so you could check if your pet will like the recipe. Nulo also hands out some free samples in-store or at promotional events, so why not give this food a shot?

What Are Pet Owners Saying About Nulo?

Nulo cat food is a hit among pet owners and their precious furry friends. As I was browsing through Nulo cat food reviews Reddit and other resources, I revealed that nearly 85% of customers are happy with this brand.

Darrell from Canada says that his cat eats only Nulo shredded beef & rainbow trout formula and doesn’t tolerate any other wet food with beef flavor. Also, his cat is not a fan of fish food but loves this one.

review 1

Scott and Natalie are happy that they have found Nalo kibble with chicken flavor. Their feline is prone to vomiting after a meal intake and had not a single throwing-away accident happened. The small kibble size seems to be slightly easier on the cat’s digestion, so the pet parents have hopes for the better in terms of their cat’s health.

review 2

If your feline has digestive issues, Nulo might be a good solution. As Katt says, her two cats go nuts when they see her opening the can of Nulo wet food. She mixes it with kibble for dinner, and felines love it. As she decided to switch to more budget-friendly cat food, one of her pets had loose stool, so she ended up settling on Nulo since these recipes had no negative effect on the cat’s tummy.

review 3

If you are wondering about Nulo cat food problems, read on. For example, Alex complains that the kibble size is too small for his large cats. They also don’t like the taste and would eat it only where there’s nothing else around. The customer likes the ingredient list, but his cats don’t like it.

review 4

Shawn is dissatisfied with this brand because of the inconsistency. The same recipe might be too dry or too watery depending on the batch, so he hesitates whether it’s worth trusting the health of his pets to the company that can’t be consistent with the same recipe.

review 5

If you have a picky eater, get ready that they might not like Nulo. Even though the customer loves the ingredients, and the texture of the pâté looks great, cats just go away and do not touch this food.

review 6

Is Nulo Worth Trying?

Nulo is a good brand to settle for if you are looking for cat food with high protein content. These recipes are packed with animal proteins, which are complemented with other nutrients from quality sources.

All the formulas are made of quality ingredients that are sourced from proven suppliers. Nulo doesn’t add any preservatives, carrageenan, colors, and other artificial additives that might be harmful to cats.

Even though Nulo cat food contains too many plants and veggies (IMHO), it is moderate in carbs, starch, and other things. There are both grain-friendly and grain-free recipes, so you can pick the one that is best for your cat’s gut.

One of the perks of this brand is that you can get your money back if your furry friend doesn’t like Nulo food. You can bring the unused portions, packaging, and receipt and get a full refund. So, in fact, you’re losing nothing if you decide to try Nulo cat food.

So, if you are ready to shop for Nulo cat food where to buy it? Nulo cat recipes are available in independent local pet stores. You can also get their food online on Amazon, Chewy, Petsmart, and other marketplaces.

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