Taste of The Wild Cat Food Reviews in 2021

Is Taste of the Wild that very cat food your feline craves? Check this article to learn their ingredient quality, and recall history, and more.


  • Species appropriate diet: 3.5/5
  • Quailty of ingredients: 3.5/5
  • Variety of recipes: 2.5/5
  • Pricing: 4/5
  • Customers experience: 3.5/5
  • Recalls history: 2/5

What Is Taste of the Wild Cat Food Story?

Taste of the Wild is a family-owned business located in the USA. The business idea popped up in the owners’ minds along with the need to feed their pets with quality food without spending half of the family budget on cat and dog food.

So, as the founders saw the opportunity to provide themselves and other pet parents with good and affordable pet food, they started implementing their dreams into reality. The Taste of the Wild recipes are marketed as wolf food, so all their food formulas are inspired by nature and pet’s DNA. Taste of the Wild owners are convinced that our furry friends should be fed quality food that follows their inner carnivore instincts.

As of now, the brand identifies itself as one of the fastest-growing pet food manufacturers all over the globe. Even though they have grown, they still stick to the same principles of quality and affordability.

The manufacturing volumes have increased since the time of the company establishment, but Taste of the Wild makes only those recipes they would feed their own pets with. Every product is packed with real meat, fish, and some exotic protein sources like smoked salmon, roasted duck, bison, wild boar, venison, and Angus beef to make sure your feline enjoys the flavor inspired by the wild.


What Is Manufacturing Facility Location?

Taste of the Wild cat food, as well as dog recipes, is made in America-based facilities owned by Diamond Pet Foods, owned by Schell and Kampeter Inc. Two manufacturing buildings are located in California; others are based in Missouri, Arkansas, and South Carolina. Diamond is a giant in the pet food industry committed to producing the food you’ll be proud to feed your feline with.

As Taste of the Wild is concerned about the quality and safety of their cat food, all the facilities that produce their foods adhere to strict quality protocols so that every bag or can you purchase is absolutely healthy and balanced.

The company aims at sourcing quality Taste of the Wild cat food ingredients that are natural and organic. All the ingredients come either from local farms or global suppliers. The brand doesn’t give any further specifications about the origin of the products it adds to its recipes, but it assures that it builds long-term relationships with the suppliers. They claim that all the meats are USDA approved and antibiotic-free.

What Is Taste of the Wild Recall History?

If you are wondering about Taste of the Wild cat food recalls, let me share what I’ve found. There was only one Taste of the Wild recall in May 2012.

Thousands of Taste of the Wild units were recalled because of salmonella contamination. That was true for other brands manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods.

Preview 2

What Kind of Cat Food Does Taste of the Wild Offer?

Taste of the Wild has established a solid reputation in the market for cat food. They mimic the diet your feline would stick to when living in the wild. That is why all their recipes are packed with quality proteins with a small number of carbs derived from lentils. You won’t find traces of artificial colors or preservatives some budget-friendly cat foods contain.

All the recipes are enriched with the standard pack of vitamins and minerals to ensure a shiny coat, healthy skin, and the overall well-being of your feline. Taste of the Wild also adds K9 Strain & Viables Probiotics that have been developed for cats to help break down food and get nutrients from the meal more efficiently.

Taste of the Wild offers two product lines of cat food:

  • Taste of the Wild
  • Taste of the Wild PREY

Let’s delve further and see what’s in each of the categories.

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Taste of the Wild Cat Food Reviews

Taste of the Wild is the original series of dog and cat food meant to provide pets with natural food they would eat with pleasure. These are grain-free recipes with around 42% of proteins, which is great for domesticated carnivores. All the cat foods have meat as the first ingredient, which is then followed by vegetables and fruit, like potatoes, tomatoes, blueberries, and more, to be a great source of carbs, fiber, and antioxidants for better digestion. These formulas are enhanced with probiotics that help your cat digest food easier and get all the nutrients received from the meal.

There are seven cat products in the original line-up. Compared to 21 dog food options, the assortment is modest, but let’s think positive, guys. The company is concerned about quality rather than quantity, and I appreciate that. There are both dry and wet cat foods, so you will find the texture your feline will love. The taste variety ranges from ordinary salmon & trout recipes to Angus beef and roasted venison.

If you are in search of a natural wet recipe, keep on reading this Taste of the Wild wet cat food review. Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Feline Recipe with chunks of salmon and roasted venison in gravy gets many positive reviews, so let’s take a closer look at it. This formula can be used as a topper of the Rocky Mountain Feline dry recipe, or you can use it as a stand-alone meal. This food offers a combination of quality proteins that help sustain the lean muscle development of your cat. As this is a moisture-rich formula, it will boost water consumption and allow your pet to eat more without consuming more calories, helping your feline to stay fit.

Taste of the wild Rocky Mountain Feline Canned Cat Food


Salmon, fish broth, chicken broth, chicken liver, chicken, dried egg whites, potato starch, pea flour, smoked salmon, roasted venison, peas, ocean fish, guar gum, natural flavor, sunflower oil.

The recipe has salmon as the primary ingredient and serves as a source of proteins and other elements. The gravy is cooked from chicken and fish broth, which doesn’t only increase the moisture level of the meal but also delivers fats and other nutrients. There are chicken liver and chicken, followed by egg whites and potato starch. Smoked salmon and roasted venison add a delicate taste to the food your cat will love. There are no red-flag ingredients as well as grains, so this formula is great for pets with sensitive stomachs and allergies. Warning!

There’s been a recent update in the formula, and cats noticed the changes in their favorite meals and refused to eat the food. Good Stuff about This Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Feline Recipe:

  • Packed with quality proteins
  • Free of grains and gluten
  • Exotic ingredients felines love
  • Works great for cats with sensitive tummies

What You Might not Love about This Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Feline Recipe:

  • Some picky cats don’t touch it
  • High in carbs

Taste of the Wild PREY Cat Food Reviews

PREY recipes of Taste of the Wild are made with the pet’s natural instincts in mind. The company believes that even though cats and dogs are now domesticated and they live in nice houses rather than in the wild, they still crave the same simple diet.

When formulating PREY recipes, the company relied on the natural desires of cats in terms of food. That is why all these formulas are limited in ingredients to offer a simplified approach to what our pets should eat.

All the products have four basic ingredients, which are then enforced with a set of vitamins and minerals so that your cat could get a balanced and nutritionally-rich diet. These recipes are free of grains, by-products, artificial colors, and other stuff the cat is not supposed to eat. These formulas are suitable for all life stages and are approved by AAFCO.

The Taste of the Wild PREY assortment is poor. You can choose between two kibble flavors: turkey and Angus beef.

So I will proceed with Taste of the Wild dry cat food reviews taking a closer look at the Angus Beef Limited Ingredient Recipe. This limited ingredient formula features four basic products that deliver nutritional value through the meal. Due to this, the PREY beef recipe has an average nutritional composition. It’s high in proteins, which is great for the feline’s diet. It also has an increased level of carbohydrates and fats, even though cats do not need carbs in their diet.

Taste of the wild Prey Angus Beef Limited Ingredient Recipe Cat Food


Beef, lentils, sunflower oil (preserved with mixed tocopherols), natural flavor, salmon oil (source of DHA).

Beef is the only protein source and is the main ingredient in this recipe. Lentils are responsible for the carbohydrate, protein, and fiber contents. Sunflower and salmon oil is added to be the natural source of omega fatty acids. Other ingredients include vitamins and minerals that enhance the dietary value of the natural products. Warning!

Since this is a dry formula that doesn’t contain much moisture, make sure you provide your feline with access to water to avoid dehydration. Good Stuff about This Taste of the Wild Angus Beef Limited Ingredient Recipe:

  • One protein source, thus suitable for pets with allergies
  • No artificial additives
  • Limited ingredients

What You Might not Love about This Taste of the Wild Angus Beef Limited Ingredient Recipe:

  • High carbohydrate level due to lentils

Is Taste of the Wild Good For Your Cat?

Since Taste of the Wild cat foods are relatively inexpensive compared to other products with the same ingredient composition, I would recommend you to give this food a try.

This is an affordable meat-centric feeding option for your feline. Even though the assortment of their products is not that big, you will still find the recipe your cat will love. They offer both wet and dry cat formulas with different flavors, including chicken, turkey, duck, and beef. There are recipes with delicate ingredients like roasted quail and venison to add some zest to the taste.

All the Taste of the Wild cat recipes are free of grains. Some contain vegetables and fruit, while the PREY line-up is focused on delivering maximum nutritional value by using fewer ingredients. They avoid adding fillers, by-products, or veggies, making meat, lentils, and oil the only sources of proteins, fats, carbs, and fibers.

In view of that and Taste of the Wild canned cat food reviews, I believe that this is a good budget brand that would provide your furry friend with a balanced and healthy diet.

What Are Pet Owners Saying About Taste of the Wild?

Taste of the Wild is a popular brand, and it has a lot of reviews, both positive and negative. I’ve done the research and would like to help you save your time so that you don’t have to carry one on your own. I gathered Taste of the Wild cat food reviews Reddit and from other platforms so you could make your own decision whether it’s a good choice for your cat.

All cat recipes gain 4.8 points out of 5 on average. Most of the reviews say that cats love the flavors of this food. It also helped felines with some health issues sustain their well-being and support targeted systems.

review 1

Heather reports that Taste of the Wild is the high-quality food she’s been looking for so long as it doesn’t upset her cat’s stomach. The customer likes the way the kibble smells and the effect it has on the pet’s digestion.

review 2

Eric loves the combo of price and quality. Of course, that’s the feature we are all looking for in cat food. As caring pet parents, we want to get the best deal for the budget we have. So, Taste of the Wild seems to be a great option for those pet parents who are on a budget but are still concerned about the quality of the ingredients.

review 3

Just like with any pet food, there are some Taste of the Wild cat food problems. Some customers report that their felines used to eat this food until the very last batch. The company has probably changed the formula, and some sensitive cats feel the difference and refuse to eat new kibble.

review 4

Some cats react to the new formula in an unpredictable way. There are many complaints that felines vomit and feel sick after eating the updated recipe.

review 5

If you are ordering online, please mind the possible issues, especially when getting canned formulas. There were cases when the cans arrived damaged and were no longer suitable for feeding.

review 6

Is Taste of the Wild Worth Trying?

Even though the range of cat food from Taste of the Wild is smaller compared to dog food, it’s still worth trying if you are on a budget but don’t want to treat your feline with low-quality meals.

All the Taste of the Wild recipes are made of quality ingredients and use meat and fish as the main source of proteins. These formulas are free of grains and by-products, which are frequently added to the foods of the same price segment. I also found no red-flag ingredients that are harmful to the cat.

In general, this is a great alternative to premium cat food brands, but for less money. If you see no point in overpaying, order your samples to check if this food works for your furry friend.

So, you feel like you are ready to try Taste of the Wild cat food where to buy it? This brand is available in retail stores all over the world. You can also place an order on Amazon, Chewy, Petco, and Tractor Supply.

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