Hound and Gatos Cat Food Reviews in 2021

Can you rely on Hound & Gatos cat food when it comes to the nutrition of your feline? Find out if that’s a good brand in this thorough review.


  • Species appropriate diet: 4.5/5
  • Quailty of ingredients: 4.5/5
  • Variety of recipes: 4/5
  • Pricing: 4/5
  • Customers experience: 4.5/5
  • Recalls history: 5/5

What Is Hound & Gatos Story?

Hound & Gatos is convinced that it has unlocked the secret to a healthy and balanced diet for cats and dogs. The company knows that all pets crave meat. Not grains or vegetables, but real meat. With that in mind, Hound & Gatos entered the pet food market with rich-protein recipes for cats and dogs that support the natural dietary habits of pets.

Hound & Gatos belongs to the family-owned Gott Pet Products company based in Wisconsin. The father company has been manufacturing Charlee Bear® natural dog treats for decades. With the creation of Hound & Gatos, the company decided to target other pet parents’ needs by delivering high-quality and natural pet food free of grains, meals, fillers, preservatives, colors, and other stuff that bring no value.

Hound & Gatos got the TruthAboutPetFood.com reward for being the “Most Trusted Pet Foods Company” in four consecutive years (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017). It was also added to the Whole Dog Journal as the approved canned food.

Good job, Hound & Gatos! I already love the beginning, and you?


What Is Manufacturing Facility Location?

Hound & Gatos cat food is produced in state-of-the-art facilities in the Upper Midwest, the United States. These premises stick to FDA and USDA regulations and ensure safety and cleanliness throughout all manufacturing processes. According to the company’s website, all the operations are monitored, starting with ingredient checks to distributing food into cans or pouches.

All Hound & Gatos cat food ingredients come from different countries to ensure the premium quality of the final product. For example, cage-free chicken, turkey, and fish are sourced from the USA. The company imports lamb from New Zealand and Australia, while duck is supplied from France. Nothing is said about China, so let’s assume that none of the ingredients are sourced from there.

What Is Hound & Gatos Recall History?

If the company’s recall history plays a critical role in the choice of the cat food, you should definitely give maximum points to this company. Not a single Hound and Gatos cat food recall has been registered over 10 years of the brand’s existence.

Preview 2

What Kind of Cat Food Does Hound & Gatos Offer?

Hound & Gatos gives a promise to be the company that will provide cats with meat-based and 100% carnivore-acceptable food. All its recipes are made based on real meat or fish to mimic the diet of the cat’s wild ancestors.

The company adds only functional and highly beneficial ingredients that do not just add weight to the bag but nourish the feline and ensure a long and vibrant life. But none of the ingredients is used intuitively. Hound & Gatos uses scientific research to formulate recipes that are balanced and delicious.

All the Hound & Gatos formulas have meat or fish cuts as the first ingredient. No plant proteins or by-products are added. The company also refuses to use wheat, soy, corn, carrageenan, gums, or other ingredients that might be the reason for poor health or be hard to digest.

There are both dry and wet cat food recipes, so let’s not waste a second and jump to the reviews of these categories.

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Hound And Gatos Dry Cat Food Reviews

Even though the company started its pet food manufacturing business with wet recipes, it has recently released a dry cat food series. The number of formulas is limited (there are only three flavors - wild-caught salmon, cage-free turkey, and cage-free chicken), but just take a look at how great they are. This is the very case when quality means more than quantity. I dare to say that this is one of the best kibbles I’ve ever reviewed. But shhh, don’t rush into ordering dry food by Hound & Gatos. Read this Hound and Gatos cat food review till the end to see the final verdict.

All Hound & Gatos dry recipes are made of quality animal proteins and are free of the rendered meals, high-processed meat, or grains. Unlike most grain-free cat foods, this one doesn’t have peas, chickpeas, white potatoes, starch, or other fillers that are completely useless in the cat’s diet. These formulas are packed with superfoods that are rich in essentials, minerals, and vitamins to ensure your feline lives its best life.

Hound & Gatos Cage-Free Dry Turkey Recipe is a balanced grain-free formula for cats. This is a great solution for those felines that suffer from fish or chicken allergies. This limited-ingredient formula is made primarily of turkey and is then enhanced with a small number of superfoods to be a complete and nourishing feeding option. It minimizes the risk of food allergies and other undesired food reactions. This food is free of grains, so it doesn't have soy, corn, wheat, or rice, which might be the reason for gut issues. Besides, you won’t find peas, white potatoes, or chickpeas here. 88% of all proteins come from turkey and the rest - from eggs and other superfoods that are healthy for the feline.

Hound & Gatos Turkey Formula Grain-Free Cat Food


Deboned Turkey, Egg, Sweet Potato, Tapioca, Turkey Fat (Preserved With Mixed Tocopherols), Natural Turkey Flavor, Flaxseed.

The key ingredient of this Hound & Gatos recipe is deboned turkey. It means that only meat and organs are used and make 88% of the whole protein content. Eggs boost the protein level and work as a great natural taurine source. Sweet potato is a popular superfood used as a source of carbohydrates. Cranberries, blueberries, broccoli, dandelion greens are also added to enhance the nutritional value of kibble and bring a dose of antioxidants for faster healing and better overall health.


An egg is a common allergen, so if you notice any changes in a cat’s behavior and see even a slight decline in health, consult your vet.

Good Stuff about This Hound & Gatos Cage-Free Dry Turkey Recipe:
  • A limited ingredient diet
  • Turkey is the key and only animal protein source
  • No grains, meals, by-products, or preservatives
  • Excludes peas, chickpeas, and white potatoes
  • Enhanced with superfoods
What You Might not Like about This Hound & Gatos Cage-Free Dry Turkey Recipe:
  • An egg is the second ingredient, so it might not work for cats with an egg intolerance

Hound And Gatos Wet Cat Food Reviews

If you are in search of a high-protein wet cat diet with a limited number of ingredients, look no further. Read these Hound & Gatos canned cat food reviews to learn why it’s a good choice for your feline.

First of all, there are both single and multiple protein options in the assortment. So, either you have a pet with a sensitive stomach, or your cat gulps everything like a vacuum cleaner without any remorse, Hound & Gatos has you covered. All wet recipes come in cans and have irresistible flavors even the finicky eater will love.

All the recipes are made of 98% of meat and only 2% of supplements and other essential nutrients. There are no by-products, grains, guar gum, or carrageenan. Hound & Gatos uses deboned meat, natural thickener agar-agar, and a mix of vitamins & minerals.

Hound & Gatos Paleolithic Meat Grain-Free Canned Cat Food is made of a mix of meats like pork, lamb, rabbit, and beef. These are the proteins that ancient carnivores used to eat when they lived in the wild. So, this formula allows your domesticated feline to feel all the spectrum of taste-related emotions by offering the food designed by nature. This recipe features a healthy punch with the vital nutrients, vitamins, and minerals every four-pawed friend needs. However, it’s free of by-products, fillers, grains, artificial thickeners, or harmful carrageenan to be the most beneficial meal for your cat. It comes in the pâté texture and has a juicy and mouth-watering flavor your finicky eater will truly enjoy.

Hound & Gatos Paleolithic Meat 100% Grain Free


Beef, Beef Broth, Pork, Lamb, Rabbit, Tricalcium Phosphate, Agar-Agar.

Meat, meat, meat, and some more meat - that’s the ingredient composition of this Hound & Gatos wet recipe. Nourishing beef broth is used to increase the moisture content in this entrée. It’s mixed with blended beef, pork, lamb, and rabbit and is then thickened with a natural binder agar-agar. To make a completely balanced diet for everyday feeding, the company adds a pack of supplements and minerals to support a cat’s health.


Many cats don’t like this very recipe for an unknown reason. So, if you are trying the Hound & Gatos wet food for the first time, start with popular flavors like chicken or turkey. Cats are crazy about them.

Good Stuff about This Hound & Gatos Paleolithic Meat Grain-Free Canned Cat Food:
  • A limited ingredient diet
  • A mix of proteins that deliver a better set of nutrients
  • 98% of the recipe is meat
  • No carrageenan or gums
What You Might not Like About This Hound & Gatos Paleolithic Meat Grain-Free Canned Cat Food:
  • Some cats don’t like this flavor

Is Hound & Gatos Good For Your Cat?

All companies are so stuffy. They keep on saying the same thing (as if customers are dummies) - “Our products are of premium quality.” Some of the brands don’t live up to the bold claims and lose their authority immediately. But this is not the Hound & Gatos story.

During my thorough research (and you know that I am attentive to every detail), I revealed that Hound & Gatos maintenance cat food is of great quality. I would even dare to say that it’s on my top 5 list of awesome cat food brands.

Hound & Gatos cat food is super-premium quality food at the price of an average cat’s diet. Its ingredient list should be an example for other companies because this brand doesn’t add grains, by-products, bones, peas, meals, and fillers. 90% of their formulas (on average) are different types of meat and superfoods (in kibble). Wet recipes are pure meat with some broth and supplements.

If you are interested in feeding your feline with a balanced and species-appropriate diet, Hound & Gatos is your go-to solution.

What Are Pet Owners Saying About Hound & Gatos?

Would you like to know what Hound and Gatos cat food reviews Reddit and other sources say about this brand? I’ve done my own research and analyzed dozens of customer reviews, but I will share the brightest ones to help you decide if it’s a great company or not on your own.

Most of the Hound & Gatos cat food reviews are positive. Customers love the ingredient list and are ready to pay for quality. Lisa found out that her cat couldn’t tolerate chicken. Her cats were eating Purina Cat Chow turkey, but she was not completely satisfied with the quality of that food. So, she discovered that Hound & Gatos kibble with the turkey flavor didn’t include any chicken and, besides, it had a greater ingredient list. She slowly switched to the healthier option and admitted her cats loved it.

review 1

Yvonne’s cat Cricket was diagnosed with IBD and, unfortunately, couldn’t tolerate the prescribed IBD food. So, after doing some research, she came across Hound & Gatos wet cat food. She decided to give it a try since the recipes contained mainly meat with a certain amount of moisture and had all the essential nutrients her feline needed. Cricket loved several wet recipes and gained the weight back after transferring to this diet.

review 1

However, some customers are not happy with the company’s food. For example, Andy discovered some quality Hound & Gatos cat food problems. He was not happy with the fact that every case was completely different color and texture. Some cans had a soft pâté with jelly; others were too hard and had a strange odor. Moreover, some cans were damaged, but I guess this is a problem of a supplier or delivery company.

review 1

Another pet lover says that his cats didn’t like the salmon-flavored kibble. But in fact, he is not disappointed because this food is too expensive for their family budget.

review 1

Is Hound & Gatos Worth Trying?

If you take your attempts to switch your feline to a more species-appropriate and low-carb diet, Hound & Gatos is a great choice. All the recipes have only functional and really nourishing ingredients that deliver value.

Hound & Gatos dry and wet recipes are all formulated with meat or fish as the key ingredient and avoid adding by-products and rendered meals. They are also completely grain-free formulas that are not spoiled by peas, chickpeas, lentils, or other stodgy ingredients.

Every Hound & Gatos formula has a mix of supplements and minerals the feline needs to be a healthy and happy family member.

If you would like to know Hound and Gatos cat food where to buy, here’s the answer. You can find this brand in local retail stores or do online shopping through your favorite marketplaces.

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