Pure Vita Cat Food Reviews in 2021

Find out if Pure Vita cat food is a sound choice for your feline’s daily diet. Read this review to learn more about the brand and its products.


  • Species appropriate diet: 4/5
  • Quailty of ingredients: 4/5
  • Variety of recipes: 4/5
  • Pricing: 2/5
  • Customers experience: 4.5/5
  • Recalls history: 5/5

What Is Pure Vita Story?

Pure Vita is a pet food brand owned by NutriSource, a family-owned and operated company located in Perham, Minnesota.

The business has been run by three generations of families since the company’s establishment in 1964. Darrell Nelson and his son Kenny started Tuffy’s Pet Foods specializing mainly in dog food. Later, they decided to expand pet food production and started Pure Vita brand in 2007 as premium quality holistic food for cats and dogs.

NutriSource prides itself on producing safe pet food that lives up to the highest quality standards. Since this is a family-owned business, they make their decisions based on what would work better for customers, employees, or supply retailers. Pure Vita and other brands of this company are promised to reflect a passion for manufacturing holistic and balanced cat and dog diets.


What Is Manufacturing Facility Location?

All Pure Vita cat food recipes are made in their own facilities in Perham, Minnesota. As they have full control over the manufacturing process, they are sure of the quality and safety of all cat recipes.

The company carefully tests every raw ingredient for pathogens and any foreign matters before they are allowed to enter the production facility. A skillful and experienced team who is dedicated to the same level of safety and quality standards of pet food is responsible for the manufacturing process. All bags then undergo post-production testing that allows delivering only safe and quality goods to your local shops or front doors.

NutriSource is convinced that sourcing is as important as actually manufacturing food. That is why they search for trusted vendors to get Pure Vita cat food ingredients. There’s no clear information about the origin of the ingredients they use for crafting cat recipes, so we have nothing left but to believe that NutriSource is honest and keeps its word to source only from qualified and reliable suppliers.

What Is Pure Vita Recall History?

Within more than 50 years on the market of pet food, not a single Pure Vita cat food recall has taken place.

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What Kind of Cat Food Does Pure Vita Offer?

Pure Vita offers single-source protein cat formulas that nourish felines with all the necessary nutrients they need for long life. This brand focuses on holistic and natural pet food that is highly beneficial for carnivores. They use only functional ingredients that improve a pet’s physical and emotional well-being.

Every recipe is packed with one type of meat, wholesome fruit, veggies, and Good 4 Life supplements that target the whole feline’s body and nourishes it with the essentials required for healthy living.

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Pure Vita is a common choice for those pet parents whose felines are allergic to some ingredients or don't tolerate grain-based food. All the ingredients are preserved naturally, so Pure Vita food is easier on a stomach and has more nutrients. Since Pure Vita recipes are all limited in the ingredients, it’s easy to pick the formula that doesn’t upset your pet’s stomach or causes an allergy. Their formulas are also packed with antioxidants derived from fruit like cranberries, apricots, and other stuff to soothe any inflammation and enhance the immune system.

All Pure Vita cat recipes fall into two groups: dry and wet cat food.

Pure Vita Dry Cat Food Reviews

Let’s start Pure Vita cat food reviews with the kibble category. It’s presented by only three products, all of them are grain-free and are made from a single protein source. You can choose between chicken, duck, and salmon flavors. Of course, you’re not offered a huge selection of products, but I believe quality is always better than quantity.

Meat and fish are the first ingredients of all dry recipes, which are then followed by a healthy amount of peas, beans, or lentils (depending on the recipe), a great replacement for grains. You won’t find wheat, corn, soy in their formulas; thus they work great for felines with digestive issues. Moreover, the foods are advanced with a Good 4 Life system, which is highly beneficial for a cat’s gut.

Pure Vita salmon cat food is a great pick for felines that do not tolerate chicken, duck, beef, or other types of proteins. It is a single-protein source formula that is high in proteins as well as carbs. There are 26% of proteins and 36% of carbohydrates derived from peas, pea meal, and other pea-derived ingredients. This recipe doesn’t induce carrageenan, preservatives, artificial additives that are not welcomed in the cat’s food.

Pure Vita Salmon And Peas Grain-Free Cat Food


Salmon, salmon meal, peas, sunflower meal, pea flour, sunflower oil, flaxseed, pea protein, pea starch, natural salmon flavor, alfalfa meal, yeast extract, brewers dried yeast.

This recipe is cooked from salmon and salmon meal as the primary ingredients. They are quality protein sources that provide your feline with the essentials that are natural for them. Peas, pea flour, pea protein, and pea starch enrich the formula with carbs and protein. They are great alternatives to grains as peas could be easier digested by pets. This food also contains sunflower oil and flaxseed to be the source of fats. The mix of minerals and vitamins is neatly picked to create a fully balanced and complete diet for your cat.


The carbohydrate content is high. Mind the amount of food you are giving to your feline to prevent weight issues.

Good Stuff About This Pure Vita Grain-Free Salmon & Peas Entrée:
  • Salmon is a single source of proteins
  • No grains, gluten, GMOs
  • Free of preservatives and carrageenan
  • Includes probiotics for healthy digestion
What You Might not Like About This Pure Vita Grain-Free Salmon & Peas Entrée:
  • The price is higher than prices for average cat food
  • High in carbs

Pure Vita Canned Cat Food Reviews

Pura Vita wet food category offers slightly more flavors but is still modest in the selection. If you are searching for canned cat food from this brand, you’ll be given five taste options to choose from: chicken, turkey, duck, beef, whitefish, and salmon.

All these formulas are grain-free and contain 96% of meat or fish, depending on the recipe. Pure Vita wet food is great for keeping your feline properly hydrated because it contains 76% of moisture.

Just like kibble, Pure Vita canned food is made of a single animal protein source and is then complemented with some veggies and fruit to make up a balanced and nutritionally-rich meal. Wet recipes by Pure Vita contain fewer plants, by the way. They do not contain peas, lentils, potatoes, or other grain substitutes. Due to this, the carbohydrate level of canned formulas is much lower.

Pure Vita adds Good 4 Life supplements that help the cat's digestive system absorb nutrients derived from food. They also stimulate a better brain and cognitive function as well as support healthy skin and coat.

In this Pure Vita wet cat food review, I’ll analyze the beef recipe. This entrée is a balanced and nutritionally-complete recipe cats love. As it contains beef meat, beef broth, beef liver, and no other animal proteins, it is a great solution for felines who have trouble digesting chicken, fish, or other meat. This recipe has a high moisture level, so it will help your pet stay properly hydrated. Because this beef formula is made of beef meat with a little bit of dried kelp, the carbohydrate level is very low.

Pure Vita Beef Entree Cat Food


Beef, beef broth, beef liver, natural flavor, calcium carbonate, tricalcium phosphate, agar-agar, choline chloride, salt, taurine.

This meat-based formula is made of beef and beef liver. Beef broth is the second ingredient on the list and increases the moisture level of this food. Agar-agar is a safe thickener that creates a pleasing texture without compromising the health of your feline. Yucca schidigera plant extract has anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory effects, while taurine is good for the cat’s heart.


Beef is a common cat allergen. If you notice any change in the feline’s behavior or health, you’d better try another flavor.

Good Stuff About This Pure Vita Beef Entrée:
  • High meat content
  • Low in carbs
  • A high natural animal fat level
  • Not overloaded with plants
What You Might not Like About This Pure Beef Entrée:
  • Costs more than average cat food

Is Pure Vita Good For Your Cat?

Is your feline prone to allergies? Can’t your cat tolerate grains or food with fillers? Do you fail to find a healthy diet for your pet that would be easy to digest? Then you should pay attention to Pure Vita.

Pure Vita cat food follows what its name implies. This company manufactures holistic and purely natural meals for felines that should stick to a limited-ingredient diet. One of the perks of their formulas is that they contain only one source of animal proteins, either chicken, duck, turkey, beef, salmon, or whitefish to avoid any allergies or tummy issues. Besides, these formulas are free of grains. Pure Vita kibble is made with peas or lentils as a source of carbs, but because of that, the carbohydrate level is higher than expected in natural food. Wet formulas do not contain these plants and are based on meat. They are pricier compared to kibble but have fewer carbs.

All the recipes, both dry and wet, are enhanced with Good 4 Life supplements that target the whole feline’s body. They support the cat's digestive system, sight, immune system, brain function. The mix of minerals and vitamins also promotes better nutrient absorption after every meal.

In general, I would say that Pure Vita is a good choice for pets with allergies or sensitive stomachs. But because of the modest product variety and high carb content in dry cat food, you might be willing to switch to another pet food brand.

What Are Pet Owners Saying About Pure Vita?

As Pure Vita cat food reviews Reddit and other channels say, this brand is a common pick among pet parents for cats with digestive issues and allergies. This food brand is also a hit among picky eaters and those cat owners who want to feed their furry friends healthily.

Marci from Arizona is a fan of NutriSource cat food and buys only meals from this brand. The customer says her cats tolerate Pure Vita food only, and their coat has become much healthier as they were switched to this food brand.

review 1

Another pet parent also reports that Pure Vita is their favorite brand as none of the other foods seem to work with the cat.

review 2

The customer from San Francisco loves the Pure Vita brand for the quality ingredients as all of them are natural. But what is more important, finicky cats love it too.

review 3

Another cat lover is also convinced that Pure Vita is one of the best organic brands you can find out there. However, he recommends putting kibble in the fridge as these recipes are free of preservatives.

review 4

Amazon customers report some Pure Vita cat food problems. The major issue is that cats don’t eat it. But as the pet parent says, his feline doesn’t touch any dry food, so the problem is not in this particular brand, I guess since other cats just gobbled it.

review 5

Lesley, a loyal Pure Vita cat food customer, is not happy with the package she purchased from Amazon. She assures that Pure Vita is one of those rare brands her cat seems to tolerate. But after she purchased a package from Amazon, her cat suffered from puking and had stomach issues. The situation changed for the better as she bought the same recipe from the local store.

review 6

Is Pure Vita Worth Trying?

Pura Vita is definitely a hit among pets suffering from allergies or food intolerance. Those cat owners who are concerned about the quality of food they put into the feline’s bowl also love this brand. But because of a slim product variety, you might not feel like that’s the right choice for your pet.

All in all, I would say that it is a decent brand. Pure Vita never uses by-products, fillers, artificial colors, carrageenan, and other harmful stuff to cut the price. They are committed to manufacturing organic and purely natural recipes that bring all the nutrients the feline needs in its daily diet.

The distinctive feature of Pure Vita meals is the use of a single source of animal proteins. They never mix chicken and turkey, beef and tuna to enhance the taste. The beef recipe will only contain beef, while salmon formula will never have chicken as a cheaper source of proteins. Thanks to this, those cats that are allergic to a specific protein type can safely eat food that is free of that trouble-making ingredient.

If it looks like a good idea to try Pure Vita cat food where to buy it? The thing is that Pure Vita is committed to supporting local stores, and it rarely partners with huge retail chains. Check the map on their website to find the authorized retailer near you.

The same goes for online retail. Not all popular marketplaces offer Pure Vita products for sale. A limited number of cat recipes are available for sale on Amazon. Chewy and Walmart do not market Pure Vita foods, but you can find them on PetFlow, Naturally Unleashed, and some other retailers.

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