Young Again Cat Food Review in 2021

Is Young Again cat food right for your feline? Let’s dig deep into this question and find out all the perks and cons of this cat food brand.


  • Species appropriate diet: 4.5/5
  • Quailty of ingredients: 3/5
  • Variety of recipes: 2/5
  • Pricing: 5/5
  • Customers experience: 5/5
  • Recalls history: 5/5

What Is Young Again Cat Food Story?


Young Again cat food is a favorite meal for many felines in the USA, especially pets with diabetes, urinary, digestive systems, and weight management. This dry food is said to include meat proteins (no plant proteins and grains) to provide pets with the most balanced and nutritional-rich diet.

The company was established in 1990 by Michael Massie. Their first product line included meals for birds, small mammals, reptiles. Over the time of extensive experience in the pet food niche and cooperation with vets and nutritionists, Young Again introduced dietary options for cats, dogs, and ferrets.

They were the first to introduce grain-free cat food with only meat protein origin (no plants included) and rich nucleotide levels. Young Again were also the pioneers of gluten-free diets for pets that helped many cat owners tackle the digestive issues of their felines.

In general, the Young Again company promises to keep up with the time, leverage new technology, and follow the recommendations of seasoned vets and nutritionists to make quality cat food that would help sustain optimal well-being and physical attributes in your feline of any age, size, and breed.

What Is Manufacturing Facility Location?

All the Young Again products are made in their facilities in Stacy, Minnesota. According to the company’s website, their plants are technologically advanced, enabling them to produce cat food of premium quality. Their systems rely on Swiss-made extruders that companies use for making human food like snacks, pasta, cereals, and more.

The company owns its in-house lab to control the quality of cat food they produce. All food undergoes salmonella tests to deliver the healthiest cat meals that are 100% safe.

Young Again uses gluten-free ingredients that are appropriate for the nutritional needs of indoor cats. They do not add fillers or plant proteins the feline would have never eaten while being in the wild. The manufacturer sources its ingredients from the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, and New Zealand. None of the products come from China.

What Is Young Again Recall History?

Preview 2

Young Again cat food recalls history is crystal clean since there are no cases of any products that have been ever recalled.

What Kind of Cat Food Does Young Again Offer?

Young Again is convinced that cats, just like any other carnivore, need meat to thrive. Their diet is not supposed to include carbohydrates and vegetables as their digestive system is not accustomed to this food type, so the company excludes these ingredients from the cat food recipes.

The cat product line of the Young Again brand is presented by 6 dry feline food options meant to support the furry companion at every stage of their life. So you won’t find Young Again canned cat food reviews here since these food options do not exist.

Let me start these Young Again dry cat food reviews by introducing you to the variety of kibble offered by this company. Let’s differentiate between the following dry food product groups:

  • kittens
  • kittens & young adult cats
  • mature cats

With no further ado, let’s see what products stand behind each of these categories. And let me start this Young Again cat food reviews with the kitten recipe.

Young Again Kitten Food Review

Kittens are no different from their adult relatives in terms of what food they are supposed to eat. Of course, their nutritional needs are different, and kitties need more calories and protein to grow, but one thing remains unchanged - they should have meat and fat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. With this in mind, the Young Again company formulated the recipe for kittens under the age of 10 months.

The Young Again Li’l Bites (50/22) is the recipe made to provide your tiny bundle of joy with the optimal amount of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals at the very early stage of their life. This formula is prepared from 100% meat protein to guarantee a quality source of cell building blocks for your kitty. You won’t find grains, plant proteins, glutens, or low-quality fillers in this meal. Due to the fact that this recipe contains less than 6% of starch, your pet will easily digest this food avoiding the glucose absorption issues that might result in diabetes.

This recipe is a good choice for every growing cat since it nourishes the body with all elements required for lean muscle development. It promotes healthy digestive and urinary systems without compromising the taste of the food.

Top 5 Ingredients::
Hydrolyzed pork, chicken meal, chicken fat, potato starch, chicken liver flavor

The ingredient list is headed by meats and potato starch to be a powerful source of energy for the cat. The recipe doesn’t contain gluten, corn, grains that might be the reason for allergies and issues with digestion. Other products include herring meal, DL-methionine, L-Lysine, fish oil, psyllium husk, and different groups of vitamins to target all vital body systems and organs.

Due to the small kibble size, this Young Again formula is suitable for kittens only. Do not feed your adult cat with this kibble. It is also not recommended to include this recipe in the diet of flat-faced felines as the kibble size prevents them from easily picking the food.

Good Stuff About This Young Again Li’l Bites Cat Food for Kittens:

  • Meat is the primary source of proteins
  • Doesn’t contain common allergens
  • Promotes healthy skin, fur, and better overall well-being
  • Properly-sized kibble easily digested by kittens

What You Might not Like About This Young Again Li’l Bites Cat Food for Kittens:

  • Contains meat meal
  • Includes guar gum, which is believed to be harmful to cats

Young Again Kitten & Young Adult Cat Food Review

Presented by two products in this category, Young Again offers a balanced and nutritionally-beneficial diet for kittens and young cats who are still growing. There are two formulas that fall within this criterion: the Original (suitable for all felines in the household) and Zero (targeting pre-diabetic or diabetic cats).

Young Again zero carb cat food reviews say that this is a decent dietary option for their diabetic furry companions as it contains less than 1% of starch. Pet parents say that this diet helped their pre-diabetic felines avoid the disease within two weeks. Because the starch overdose might be the reason for high glucose levels, this diet ensures your pet gets the minimal dose of products that might provoke diabetes attacks.

In general, this is a great recipe loved by cats and their owners because it is made of quality ingredients that maximize the energy of their pets by delivering all required essentials to every cell of their body.

Top 5 Ingredients::
Hydrolyzed pork, chicken meal, chicken fat, chicken liver flavor, guar gum

The ingredients are pretty much the same compared to the above-mentioned recipe, but this one doesn’t contain potato starch. Other products added to the formula include herring meal, DL-methionine, L-Lysine, fish oil, potassium citrate, vitamins of different groups, and other nutrients.

Cat parents report that their felines have a softer stool after keeping to this diet.

Good Stuff About This Young Again Zero Premium High Protein Cat Food:

  • Supports cats with diabetes
  • Ensures higher energy levels
  • Doesn’t contain carbs or starch that are hard on the cat’s tummy

What You Might not Like About This Young Again Zero Premium High Protein Cat Food:

  • Contains herring meal and fish oil that might cause allergy if your cat has seafood intolerance

Young Again Mature Cat Food Review

Just like the previous category, this one features two recipes - Mature (for all pets) and Mature Zero (for felines with diabetes). These high-protein formulas are meant to help the mature cats retain their energy levels and support all body systems in great condition.

The Young Again zero mature cat food is another carb- and starch-low formula designed to aid adults and senior pre-diabetic or diabetic cats. High protein content (54%) sustains the muscle system of your furry companion and empowers them with the energy to enjoy their life to the fullest.

As adult cats are frequently less active, this recipe has a moderate calorie content ensuring your feline stays within their optimal weight. Lower phosphorus level prevents kidney diseases older pets are prone to develop. The recipe is easy to digest as it has no grain that might be too hard on the feline’s tummy.

Top 5 Ingredients::
Hydrolyzed pork, chicken meal, chicken fat, chicken liver flavor, guar gum

The rest of the ingredients is similar to the previous product, but this one differs in the level of some vitamins the mature cat no longer needs. For instance, the decreased phosphorus amount reduces the risk of kidney diseases. The reduced iodine level prevents feline hyperthyroidism. Excess calcium can be the reason for kidneys, cardiovascular system, and nervous system problems, so this formula is not rich in this mineral because the senior cat doesn’t need it much. Young Again also puts less magnesium into this diet to avoid feline’s issues with respiratory and nervous systems as well as the urinary tract and the heart.

Do not feed your kittens or growing cats with this diet as it won’t provide your pet with the essential vitamins.

Good Stuff About This Young Again Zero Mature Recipe:

  • Formulated specially for senior cats
  • Doesn’t contain by-products or fillers
  • Has a minimal carbohydrate level
  • Helps diabetic felines live a healthy life

What You Might not Like About This Young Again Zero Mature Recipe:

  • Won’t do for cats who have fish oil intolerance

Is Young Again Good For Your Cat?

Young Again is a small company that is known for producing low-carb and gluten-free feline food that might compensate for the lack of essential nutrients at all stages of the cat’s life.

Without any doubt, the Young Again cat food is not for every feline. Their biggest fans are those pet parents whose cats suffer from diabetes. This is indeed a good option for diabetic cats as their felines are fond of this kibble, and it doesn’t make them feel worse after the meal. It is also proved to be a good remedy for cats with obesity, kidney, and urinary issues.

As the product line is limited in flavors, it would be hardly a good fit for cat owners who love to feed their furry friends with a diverse diet. But those customers who are still loyal to this brand attest that their pets had no issues with finishing their daily doses of the Young Again meal.

To cut a long story short, if your feline suffers from diabetes, this is a wise choice for you. But you might want to treat your furry friend with a new recipe if your pet doesn’t have any health conditions that require them to stick to a diet.

What Are Pet Owners Saying About Young Again?

I looked through Young Again cat food reviews Reddit and some other platforms to get to know what customers think about the food of this brand.

Like I said before, the Young Again supporters are owners of diabetic cats who would like to treat their felines with balanced food that would keep their pets feel better, regardless of the terrible diagnosis.

Young Again cat food reviews read that their food does a great job at sustaining the feline’s health and put the cat in remission if the diabetes attack happens.

review 1

According to the Young Again impulse cat food reviews, their diet seems to be helping felines with urinary issues as well.

review 2

Cat obesity is another serious issue this brand can help you with. Their recipes are nutrient-rich, and the feline will eat much less, getting their dose of nutrients without overeating.

review 3

Another customer feeds her cat with a mix of kibble, and she warns to control how much the feline eats to prevent overeating as the formula is calorie-dense.

review 4

Even though most pet parents say that their cats love the Young Again kibble, there are cases when the feline does not like it. Luckily, the customer says that you can request a sample before making a purchase so that you know if any of these formulas work for your furry companion.

review 5

One of the Young Again cat food problems is that felines have soft stool after consuming these meals due to guar gum. The reviewer also claims that this formula had no effect on the cat’s blood sugar levels, and they switched to another brand.

review 6

Is Young Again Worth Trying?

Young Again is the company known for producing low-carb grain-free and gluten-free kibble for pets of all breeds, ages, and sizes.

I would definitely recommend Young Again cat food for diabetic felines. Their products will also work great for pets with digestive, urinary, kidney, and weight management issues. Because of its high meat protein content, it’s very close to what cats would have eaten if they are set in their natural environment. Some formulas (excluding ZERO recipes) include potato starch, but its level is very low. Diabetic food doesn’t have it at all.

So, where to buy Young Again cat food? Young Again is a small company, and it retails its products only through its own website. You can take care of supplying your cat with food on time on your own or sign up for the Bottomless Bag service. The company will take care of providing your pet with food according to the assigned schedule and will deliver the package right to your door.

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