Ziwi Peak Cat Food Review in 2021

Are you considering adding Ziwi Peak cat food to your feline’s ration? Read this unbiased review to get to know if this pet food brand is worth it.


  • Species appropriate diet: 4.5/5
  • Quailty of ingredients: 4.5/5
  • Variety of recipes: 4.5/5
  • Pricing: 1/5
  • Customers experience: 4.5/5
  • Recalls history: 5/5

What Is Ziwi Peak Story?

Ziwi Peak is a New Zealand company that manufactures nature-inspired recipes for pets. This brand is rated as one of the best pet food manufacturers on the market, providing pet lovers with quality meals with raw air-dried animal meat and organs along with superfoods that nourish every feline with the right amount of proteins, carbs, fiber, and fats.


Ziwi Peak’s story started with a vision and was established in 2004 by Kimberly and Peter Mitchell. The company co-founders believe in the natural and raw diet for pets as it supports cats’ lives and health. All the manufacturing processes follow the natural nutrition principles of the dogs’ and cats’ ancestors, so Ziwi Peak formulas include raw meat and organs, just what a true carnivore eats in the wild.

What Is Manufacturing Facility Location?

Their first manufacturing location of Ziwi Peak was in Mount Maunganui. Then the production facility was located in Tauranga, and they still have three sites operating there. But by the end of 2021, the company will have been relocated to Napier as none of the premises no longer meets the operational needs.

The company prides itself in being located in New Zealand and sees huge benefits of this place for the customers too. Since the manufacturer has access to the finest and natural ingredients that match a cat’s diet, they have an opportunity to produce organic and healthy meals for pets.

Ziwi Peak sources all the ingredients locally. Animals are raised on the native grass with absolute freedom (it means that they are free-range and purely grass-fed). No hormones and growth enhancers are used to feed the cattle or poultry. All the seafood is wild-caught and comes from the best fisheries.

What Is Ziwi Peak Recall History?

No Ziwi Peak cat food recalls have been registered by this time.

Ziwi Peak 2

What Kind of Cat Food Does Ziwi Peak Offer?

Ziwi Peak cat food is announced to be “peak nutrition without compromise.” That is why the brand is dedicated to the idea that powered the business 16 years ago.

Ziwi Peak offers whole-prey recipes that have been inspired by raw food. They produce dry and wet cat food in small batches to ensure all pets get the freshest and healthiest meals.

All the food formulas are based on raw air-dried meat with adding some quality ingredients. Thanks to the Z-TWINTECH™ air-drying technology, more nutrients and moisture stay within the product, so your feline gets the most out of its breakfast or dinner. In this way, your furry friend enjoys the benefits of raw food, while you do not bother yourself with messy meals, as the raw-meat-based kibble looks like ordinary dry food.

Ziwi Peak cat food is free of grains, artificial preservatives, sugars, and glycerin. The company adds natural carbohydrates, like kelp, chicory, green tripe, to provide your feline with energy for the whole day.

Let’s continue Ziwi Peak cat food reviews with a closer investigation of the company’s line-ups and product variety.

Ziwi Peak 3

Ziwi Peak Dry Cat Food Review

Ziwi Peak kibble is not the ordinary dry food you are used to feeding your cat with. Like I said above, all their recipes are gently air-dried in their own kitchens, so all the ingredients preserve the qualities of raw food but are processed without high temperatures to extend the longevity of the meal and make it less messy. This is indeed a ready-to-serve raw food alternative you and your cat will definitely love, which many Ziwi Peak dry cat food reviews underline.

There are two product line-ups within the dry cat food category:

  • Originals
  • Provenance

Ziwi Peak Originals recipes are grain-free, and they match felines of all breeds and life stages, especially finicky cats or ones with sensitive tummies. These formulas are created to meet a feline’s natural nutritional needs, so they are rich in proteins and low in carbs. All the Originals products have 1-2 protein sources, for instance, beef, mackerel & lamb, venison, and chicken. There are 5 recipes available, and they come in pouches of two sizes: 14 oz. and 2.2 lb.

Ziwi Peak Provenance is a relatively new product series made of 5 meat and fish types, including mutton, goat, chicken, duck, turkey, beef, venison, lamb, mackerel, kahawai, and many more. These recipes are also made according to the air-dried technology using authentic meat, cold-washed tripe, NZ green mussels, and kelp. No unwanted carbs like grains, wheat, or soy for better digestion and overall well-being. All the formulas contain 95-97% of meat, seafood, and organs with no questionable by-products.

Hope you don’t mind me taking a closer look at the products from the Provenance series. The Ziwi Peak Provenance East Cape Recipe features five types of meat and wild-caught fish, so this is the meal your feline is sure to love. The formula features free-range mutton and goat blended with fish caught from Cape Reinga like kahawai, white trevally, and mackerel. This kibble has 96% of meat, seafood, organs, and bones to meet the cat’s natural desire for meat.

Ziwi Peak Provenance East Cape Recipe


Mutton, Goat, Whole Kahawai, Goat Tripe, Whole White Trevally, Mutton Lung, Whole Mackerel, Mutton Tripe, New Zealand Green Mussel, Goat Liver, Mutton Liver, Lamb Bone, Lecithin, Goat Heart, Goat Lung, Goat Kidney, Inulin from Chicory, Dried Kelp, Dried Apple Pomace, Mutton Bone.

As you see, this is a meat-and-fish-based formula with a great variety of types of meat, fish, and animal organs to provide the cat with the most natural diet. All the Ziwi Peak cat food ingredients make 38% of proteins, 32% of purely animal fat, and a moisture level of 14%, which is unbelievable for dry cat food. The protein-rich formula is complemented with dried kelp to deliver some carbs and dried apple pomace to add quality fiber.


Even though the moisture level of this Ziwi Peak East Cape recipe is high compared with other kibbles, you still need to provide your feline with access to water to avoid dehydration.

Good Stuff About This Ziwi Peak Provenance East Cape Recipe:
  • Many-many meat and fish types
  • Rich in proteins
  • Low carbohydrate content
  • No grains and artificial additives
What You Might Not Like About This Ziwi Peak Provenance East Cape Recipe:
  • Expensive

Ziwi Peak Canned Cat Food Review

Ziwi Peak’s wet recipes follow the same principles of quality and balance. All the formulas are rich in moisture and include meat, fish, organs, and bones to be a great source of proteins and fats. All the foods are made of the ingredients grown in New Zealand without antibiotics or growth promoters.

There’s a wide selection of recipes to meet any taste preference. You’ll find the same product series as in the dry food category, Originals and Provenance, so I see no point in dwelling on the same line-ups once again. I’d better spend more time investigating one of the products, what do you think?

I am pretty sure you’ll support me, so here’s a Ziwi Peak wet cat food review. This time I will take a look at the cat food from the Originals series, namely - ZIWI® Peak Wet Venison Recipe for Cats. This food is 92% made of meat, organs, and bone with 8% of other ingredients like kelp, vitamins, and minerals. This is a well-thought-out formula that is packed with all the nutrients your feline needs for a happy living. It comes in the pâté texture with 78% of moisture, so your cat will eat this meal with pleasure, which is stated in many Ziwi Peak canned cat food reviews. There’s no meal, by-products, grains, so you can be completely sure about the quality of every single ingredient used in this and other foods of Ziwi Peak.

ZIWI Peak Wet Venison Recipe


Venison, Water Sufficient for Processing, Venison Tripe, Venison Liver, Chickpeas, Venison Lung, Venison Heart, Venison Kidney, New Zealand Green Mussel, Venison Bone, DL-Methionine, Dried Kelp.

As this is a venison formula, all the meaty ingredients are derived from venison. Venison meat is the most plentiful ingredient, which is then followed by venison tripe, liver, lung, and other organs. Ziwi Peak also adds chickpeas as a source of carbs. Green mussels serve as an organic anti-inflammatory element and a source of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, required for healthy skin and coat.


Once you open the can, make sure you store the leftovers in the fridge till the next cat’s food intake.

Good Stuff About This Ziwi Peak Originals Wet Venison Recipe for Cats:
  • Based on venison meat and organs
  • Very little plant content
  • Rich in proteins
  • Contains enough moisture
What You Might Not Like About This Ziwi Peak Originals Wet Venison Recipe for Cats:
  • The price might seem too high

Is Ziwi Peak Good For Your Cat?

If money is not a problem, then definitely yes! Ziwi Peak is one of the best cat food brands I’ve ever reviewed. Their recipes appeal to the finicky eaters and pets with sensitive stomachs, so in fact, you can save some bucks simply avoiding the hassle of finding the brand your pet will love and tolerate. Just imagine how many boxes and pouches are thrown away because your cat either vomits or does not touch less expensive food. So, in the long run, Ziwi Peak might be a cost-effective solution.

Even though Ziwi Peak cat recipes are pricey, they are worth it. Once you look at the ingredient list and learn how the animals are raised, you’ll understand the cost of every cent that makes the total price.

Ziwi Peak dry cat recipes are made by following the principle of raw food that was air-dried to lock all the essential nutrients a feline needs for welfare. Meat, seafood, and organs make 96% of the whole food, and the rest comes to vitamins, minerals, and a few plants, which you won’t see in common cat food. They add chickpeas, dried kelp to some of the recipes to deliver enough fiber for healthy digestion. No grains, wheat, rice, soy, corn that could be found in many cat food recipes. Ziwi Peaks pledged to produce natural and quality pet food, and it keeps its word.

What Are Pet Owners Saying About Ziwi Peak?

Are there any Ziwi Peak cat food problems? Is it really worth its money? Do pets love this food? There are so many questions that might pop up in your mind, but the best way to find answers to them is to ask those who have already been feeding their cats with Ziwi Peak food. If you have such friends of your own, go ahead and ask them. But if none of your fellows use this cat food, then what?

Then, of course, Google knows better. I would recommend putting the Sherlock Holmes’ hat and carrying your own review investigation as well as finding Ziwi Peak cat food reviews Reddit and on other platforms. If you are pressed for time, do not worry. I have already done the tough work for you, so you can just read and make your own conclusions.

Most of the reviews of Ziwi Peak cat food are positive. A customer says that the canned recipes had helped a feline with stomach, weight, and skin issues. The cat became more active, and his overall health condition has significantly been improved.

review 1

One of the dry recipes saved the kitten from kidney failure. The poor kitty has been diagnosed with that disease since childhood, so the pet parent tried different brands of cat food to support the health of the furry baby. But as none of the formulas worked, Erin found Ziwi Peak and decided to give it a try. She noticed the positive changes in the kitty’s behavior, and there were no more signs of kidney failure in a year of the Ziwi peak diet.

review 2

As this food is expensive, some cat owners mix Ziwi Peak dry food with some other kibble, which felines don’t like much. One of the benefits of the brand’s kibble is that it contains fewer carbs compared to other options.

review 3

Liliane also enjoys low carbohydrate content. She has recently purchased packages from the new Ziwi Peak line-up, Provenance, and assures that her felines love all the flavors.

review 4

But not all Ziwi Peak buyers are equally excited. There are still gourmet felines who turn their noses away from this food, even though the pet parents love the ingredient list and put a lot of hope on these recipes.

review 5

Another cat lover reports the same problem - 5 cats refuse to eat this food. They tried to mix Ziwi Peak kibble with already familiar dry food, but their felines are smart creatures and just sort the kibble and eat the old pieces leaving raw dry pallets.

review 6

Some pet parents assure that the smell of the kibble is too intense and only one of the cats eat this food.

review 7

Ziwi Peak cat recipes contain green mussels, which are rich in iodine that is forbidden for cats with hyperthyroidism. So, even though the feline loved this wet food, the family had to switch to another brand that didn’t contain this ingredient.

review 8

Is Ziwi Peak Worth Trying?

If you are more concerned about the quality of cat food rather than its price, then Ziwi Peak is what you should consider for your pet’s diet. In fact, this is one of the most sourcing-conscious pet food brands in the world.

All the ingredients used for Ziwi Peak cat food are sourced from New Zealand, where it is manufactured. Animals are raised in a cage-free environment and eat New Zealand grass. Fish is life-caught without the use of nets or other aids that harm nature.

Ziwi Peak kibble is produced following the principles of raw food. Raw and fresh ingredients are mixed, blended, poured onto trays, air-dried, cut, and then distributed into packages. So, all the ingredients undergo minimal processing to preserve all the nutritional qualities. The company’s cat food is 95% made of meat, seafood, and animal organs. They add no fillers, by-products, grains, soy, corn, just natural ingredients the carnivore needs.

If you decide to give a try to Ziwi Peak cat food where to buy it? You can find it in independent retail stores all over the world. If you are more into online shopping, you can get Ziwi Peak cat food through Amazon, Chewy, and PetPeople. You can set an auto-ship feature for your convenience once you find the favorite flavors of your feline.




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