Wholehearted Cat Food Reviews in 2021

I’ve analyzed WholeHearted cat food to help you make up your mind about this brand and decide whether it’s a good match for your beloved feline.


  • Species appropriate diet: 4.5/5
  • Quailty of ingredients: 3/5
  • Variety of recipes: 4.5/5
  • Pricing: 4.5/5
  • Customers experience: 3/5
  • Recalls history: 5/5

What Is WholeHearted Cat Food Story?


We all treat our pets as family members and definitely want them to be as happy and healthy as we are. At least, we are making attempts to eat healthily and do sports to enjoy trouble-free life as long as possible. And what about our furry friends?

As humans, we have a unique opportunity - to take control of our lives. Our pets can’t do that, and they entirely rely on us, Homo sapiens. So, it’s our responsibility to provide them with a balanced diet and enough physical activity to ensure they live a long and full life.

With that in mind, the WholeHearted pet food brand was established in 2016. It was launched by Petco, a well-known retail pet store, functioning both online and offline.

The WholeHearted company story started in August 2016 when Petco introduced a new private label brand of dog food developed by their in-house nutritional specialists. Their aim was to provide doggies with quality food packed with healthy ingredients and nourishing nutrients required for healthy and full living but at a reasonable price.

In a year, WholeHearted cat food was introduced. They pursued the same goal - to deliver high-quality cat food with wholesome ingredients that nourish the feline’s body and mind.

Now, WholeHearted cat food offers a great variety of both dry and wet recipes for felines of all ages, sizes, and breeds. They also sell treats to pamper pets when they behave well.

What Is Manufacturing Facility Location?

There isn’t much information about WholeHearted online. All the data comes from the Petco website, so I can’t tell you much about who makes WholeHearted cat food, the manufacturing facilities, and ingredient sourcing.

All I managed to dig out is that most WholeHearted cat food recipes are manufactured in the USA. Some selected wet food formulas are produced in Thailand. Most likely, all the foods are manufactured by third-party contractors, but none of them are mentioned by Petco or WholeHearted.

According to the Q&A section, I discovered that the company sources the ingredients for the dog and cat food from the USA, New Zealand, South America, and other countries depending on the availability of the products.

To cut a long story short, WholeHearted company is not transparent in their manufacturing and sourcing policy and it begs questions whether WholeHearted cat food safe or dangerous for our furry friends. So read my further investigation to reveal the truth.

What Is WholeHearted Recall History?

Preview 2

It appears that WholeHearted cat food recalls have never occurred.

What Kind of Cat Food Does WholeHearted Offer?

If you are concerned about the variety of cat food and would like to choose a brand that offers recipes for the feline even with the most delicate taste, WholeHearted is a great choice for you. They have around 120 cat products at Petco, including foods and treats.

They offer formulas for all life stages. So, if you would like to get the perfect recipe for your new tiny bundle of joy or would like to support your aging furry companion, you won’t go wrong with WholeHearted. They also worked out cat food options for senior cats who stopped growing but are still active and need balanced nutrition for trouble-free living.

WholeHearted takes care of felines and provides diets for cats with different nutritional needs. Its product lines include:

  • Weight control
  • Grain-free
  • High-protein
  • Limited ingredient
  • Easy digestion
  • Urinary support
  • Senior

These foods are available both in dry and canned recipes. WholeHearted also packed these products into pouches and cans of different sizes. They offer variety packs for those felines who love the diversity in their daily diet.

WholeHearted Dry Cat Food Reviews

Unlike many cat food brands, WholeHearted offers a great assortment of kibble for your beloved feline. Their recipes include grain-free options with different flavors (chicken, salmon, and turkey). There are also grain-free formulas for kittens, adults, and seniors.

You will also find a selection of dry food that meets special dietary needs. There are foods that promote easier digestion, weight management, urinary health, and offer a safe feeding option for felines with allergies.

In general, the product line of WholeHearted seems to be meeting the nutritional needs of different cats. WholeHearted cat food reviews and ratings show that its kibble is loved by felines and their owners due to the relatively affordable price and the ingredient quality. They do not add grains and animal by-products, but the other side of the coin is that they compensate the price by adding plant proteins like peas, potatoes, and other fillers.

Let’s take a closer look at their bestseller - WholeHearted Grain Free Chicken Formula. This recipe is made for felines of all stages. It includes probiotics to support healthy digestion. For this purpose, they have also excluded grains like oatmeal, corn, or wheat to ensure this food won’t cause any digestive failure and cause tummy discomfort. This formula is enriched with antioxidants for a strong immune system, vitamins, and minerals for a balanced diet.

WholeHearted Grain Free Chicken Recipe Formula


Chicken, chicken meal, peas, chickpeas, pea flour, chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols), natural flavor, flaxseed, sodium bisulfate, salmon oil.

It’s hard to argue that the first two ingredients are a great source of proteins for your feline. Chicken meat is a quality protein source, while chicken meal might pose some questions about its nature. However, meals can contain more proteins compared to meat, so I will assume that this brand doesn’t use any forbidden animal parts in it. The next ingredients include peas and chickpeas. These plant-based ingredients provide carbohydrates, fiber, proteins, and vitamins, replacing grains. Pea flour is a questionable ingredient, which is considered to be a cheap filler.


Some cats might still have a hard time digesting this recipe. There are cases when felines broke wind, threw it up, and had other WholeHearted cat food problems.

Good Stuff About This WholeHearted Dry Grain Free Chicken Formula:
  • A comparatively affordable price
  • Meat as the main source of proteins
  • Doesn’t contain grains
  • Has antioxidants and probiotics for immune and digestive systems
What You Might not Like About This WholeHearted Dry Grain Free Chicken Formula:
  • High level of carbs
  • Several questionable ingredients

WholeHearted wet cat food reviews

The WholeHearted company will surprise you with the variety of canned cat food recipes they prepared for felines. Just like they tried hard to meet the needs of cats with different dietary needs when producing dry food, they did their best to overwhelm their customers with a huge assortment of flavors and diets.

WholeHearted canned cat food is represented by grain-free recipes for pets of all life stages and sizes. There are formulas designed exclusively for kittens or senior cats as well as foods that work great for felines of any age. The flavor diversity includes chicken, turkey, fish, beef, seafood, and more. You can also choose between textures like broth, morsels in gravy, flakes in gravy, minced meats, and pâté. They are packed in cans of different sizes, cups, and pouches. You can also get a variety pack with different flavors to pamper your kitty with a new meal every serving.

Let me present this category with the WholeHearted grain free cat food review of the weight control canned formula. This recipe was designed for adult cats who need a little bit of help keeping the optimal weight. Because felines gain extra pounds due to the lack of activity and an excessive amount of consumed carbohydrates, this food will regulate the level of carbs. It is also rich in proteins and fiber to ensure your furry companion feels full for a long time without overeating. Thus, your pet won’t bother you with the begging behavior, and both of you won’t be stressed when switching to a low-calorie diet.

Wholehearted Healthy Benefits Weight Control


Chicken, chicken broth, chicken liver, turkey broth, fish, carrots, turkey, potatoes, ground dried peas, pea protein, powdered cellulose, vegetable fiber, chickpea flour, natural flavor, sweet potato, pumpkin, guar gum, cranberries, blueberries, potassium chloride, inulin, taurine, fish oil.

These are the main ingredients of the WholeHearted wet weight control formula. Chicken, liver, and fish are great sources of protein, while veggies and fruit deliver fiber to keep the feline full for a longer time. There seem to be too many veggies in the recipe, but according to WholeHearted canned cat food reviews, furry friends love this food and eat it with the utmost pleasure. No wonder it gained almost 5 stars on Petco.


The recipe lists some common allergens, so read the label before feeding it to your pet.

Good Stuff About This WholeHearted Weight Control Chicken Recipe Adult Wet Cat:
  • Proves to be effective
  • Grain-free recipe with great nutritional composition
  • Rich in proteins and fiber
  • Keeps cats full for a longer time
What You Might not Like About This WholeHearted Weight Control Chicken Recipe Adult Wet Cat:
  • Has carrageenan which is considered to be a possible contributor to some health issues

Is WholeHearted Good For Your Cat?

Preview 3

Being patronized by one of the biggest and most trusted pet product retailers, WholeHearted company was met on the market with great expectations from the customers’ side. They promised to give what most pet owners crave - quality food that doesn’t cost a fortune.

Did they manage to live up to the sentiment? I think they did. Is WholeHearted cat food good for your four-pawed furry friend? This is a good question, and only you and your cat can decide. But I would say that it is worth a shot.

Judging by WholeHearted cat food reviews Reddit and on Petco, this brand is one of the most loved cost-effective options in the niche of budget cat food. Their products gain 4-5 stars in the rating and are loved by pets.

I don’t want to make false claims. So let’s see what the ingredient list of the WholeHearted cat food will tell us. Based on my investigation, I am satisfied with the quality of the first ingredients - always meat or fish. The recipes are grain-free and do not contain grain fillers like corn, wheat, soy, and others. The only concern is that they add too many fruit and vegetables, which are not naturally required in the feline’s diet. However, even these ingredients are great sources of fiber and are not referred to as useless fillers.

What Are Pet Owners Saying About WholeHearted?

I believe that customer reviews are a great source of information about the brand. Either the review is written by a first-time client or a loyal fan, they will tell the truth and their genuine impression about the new diet or the product they’ve been using for years.

When writing these cat food reviews, I rely on customer feedback and include this section to show you the brand’s unvarnished face.

I was pleased with the WholeHearted customer reviews, and most of them are positive. Like I said earlier, their products are highly rated by their clients. Not only this food option is affordable, but it also helps sustain the cat’s health with special diets required by medical conditions.

The WholeHearted formula for cats with sensitive stomachs seems to be helping a lot. These recipes do not include ingredients that are hard to digest and are filled with probiotics that maintain the tummy’s health.

review 1

Those cat parents who are concerned about the weight problem of their felines have found a remedy in the special weight control formula by WholeHearted. They report that their pets eat less food and feel full much faster and longer.

review 2

Furry pâté lovers enjoy the chicken flavor of WholeHearted. The texture is soft, consistent, and contains enough broth to provide your feline with water. This is especially beneficial for cats who have had throat surgeries, dental or oral issues.

review 3

Senior cat food formulas by WholeHearted also get positive feedback. These recipes are adapted to meet the nutritional needs of aging felines and are loved by cats because of their mouthwatering flavors and tastes.

review 4

Some pâté recipes are not watery enough for senior cats. But all customers say that it’s not a big deal to mix the pâté with water.

review 5

Other issues with the WholeHearted cat food include poor digestibility of the meal by some cats. I can’t tell you what provokes tummy issues, but my assumption is that those felines are intolerant to one or several ingredients.

review 6

If you are considering flaked in gravy recipes by WholeHearted, keep in mind that they are moisture-rich. Actually, some customers find them too watery and messy.

review 7

Is WholeHearted Worth Trying?

If you are one of those folks who would never feed their pets with low-quality food, even being on a strict budget, WholeHearted cat food might be a good choice for you. Their recipes have meat or fish as the first ingredient, and they do not add any fillers or grains to increase the product volume.

Even though the company doesn't exclusively add animal proteins and their cat meals include plants the carnivore would never eat in the wild, these ingredients are used with the purpose. They dramatically increase the nutritional value of the food and enrich the recipes with fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

WholeHearted offers a wide selection of flavors and textures your cat will definitely love. There are formulas that cover the special dietary needs of pets with special health conditions or are just required by the definite life stage.

If you are inspired by my review but do not know where to buy WholeHearted cat food, let me give you my final tip. Go to Petco and find it among cat food brands. Their food is available both online and in local stores.

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