Simply Nourish Cat Food Review in 2021

Would you like to switch to Simply Nourish cat food or feed your brand new kitty with their recipes? Read this review to make the final decision.


  • Species appropriate diet: 3/5
  • Quailty of ingredients: 4.5/5
  • Variety of recipes: 3.5/5
  • Pricing: 4.5/5
  • Customers experience: 4/5
  • Recalls history: 5/5

What Is Simply Nourish Cat Food Story?


If you hope to read the inspiring story of how Simply Nourish was founded, let me disappoint you. This brand has very limited information shared online. They have no website of their own, so I gathered information about this company from different selling channels they appear to market their products through.

Who makes Simply Nourish cat food? This company is owned by American Nutrition, Inc. (also known as ANI), one of American’s largest manufacturers of super premium food for our furry companions, cats and dogs. Simply Nourish prides itself in producing cat food of quality ingredients without soy, corn, by-products, dyes, and other stuff that is not good for the feline.

The Simply Nourish cat food emerged on the market in 2011 and offered several diet options to meet the needs of every feline. Either you would like to feed your furry friend with grain-free meals or provide them with the maximum amount of proteins and nutrients, Simply Nourish has you covered. They offer several product lines of wet and dry food to make sure their food helps your pet live a happy life and support the overall well-being of your feline.

Where to buy Simply Nourish cat food if the company does not have a website? Simply Nourish cat food is shelved on Petsmart, Amazon (but mainly marketing dog food there), and Chewy.

What Is Manufacturing Facility Location?

Simply Nourish is a company located in the USA. They have several manufacturing facilities like Woodland, WA, Ogden, UT, and Hazelton, PA. According to unreliable sources, Simply Nourish produces some recipes in Thailand, but I found no evidence of that.

The brand claims that they carefully pick the source of proteins (meat, poultry, or fish) to bring maximum value to your feline. They never add ingredients you wouldn’t eat on your own, so you can rest assured that your cat has the best diet.

I found no information about the origin of the ingredients. On one of the marketplaces, the manufacturer claimed that they get their ingredients worldwide, relying on the availability of the products. They also assured us that none of the ingredients are currently sourced from China, which is a very vague claim and makes us feel that might happen someday.

What Is Simply Nourish Recall History?

Preview 2

There seems to be no registered Simply Nourish cat food recalls within 9 years of the company’s existence.

What Kind of Cat Food Does Simply Nourish Offer?

As Simply Nourish understands the challenges of caring feline parents and their desire to feed their pets with the right cat food, the company aims at making the cat’s nutrition simple for the owner and balanced for the furry companion. That’s why they use carefully sourced wholesome ingredients without by-products, fillers, preservatives, and other harmful substances that might cause health issues.

Simply Nourish offers a great variety of recipes that are grouped into four product series:

  • Original
  • Grain-free
  • Sensitive digestion
  • Source

Original food is designed to help active cats sustain their lifestyle, delivering the required amount of energy through every nourishing meal. They have a grain-free line for pets with food sensitivities. Their Sensitive Digestion formulas have a limited list of ingredients to offer a balanced diet for cats with digestive issues. The brand also manufactures protein-dense food with low carb content under the name Source that helps sustain lean muscles.

These recipes are available in dry and canned formulas with different flavors like chicken, duck, turkey, salmon, tuna, whitefish, and others.

Below, you’ll find Simply Nourish cat food reviews based on my own experience and customer feedback.

Simply Nourish Dry Cat Food Reviews

There are 22 options of dry food by Simply Nourish at PetSmart (compared to 9 on Chewy). So, this marketplace offers a greater variety of kibble for cats of all life stages and dietary needs.

Simply Nourish describes their dry food as the recipes that are packed with animal and fish proteins, chelated minerals, and ingredients that could be found in the grocery market.

Simply Nourish Kitten Food Chicken & Brown Rice

The Simply Nourish Kitten Food - Natural, Chicken & Brown Rice is a product from the Original series. This formula is designed to support kittens as they grow into healthy adult cats. It is rich in proteins that are essential for lean muscle development. It also contains brown rice to be the source of energy for an active kitty. The kitten recipe is packed with nutrients that are vital for the healthy growth of the young feline. The balance of vitamins and minerals ensures your furry fellow develops a healthy brain, digestive, nervous, urinary systems as well as sharp sight.

Top 5 Ingredients::
Deboned chicken, chicken meal, brown rice, oatmeal, chicken fat.

The list of ingredients starts with animal proteins, which is great. But then come brown rice and oatmeal, which might not be beneficial for some felines. What is great about this recipe is that it doesn’t have artificial flavors and colors. It also excludes by-products and preservatives but is packed with fruits and veggies to deliver the essentials the kitty needs for active growth.

This kitten formula contains salmon oil. If your pet is intolerant to this ingredient, stay away from this recipe.

Good Stuff About This Simply Nourish Kitten Food:

  • Natural and quality ingredients
  • Contains a balanced amount of proteins, fats, and carbs to support a growing cat
  • Free of artificial and toxic colors and flavors
  • Small-sized kibble is easy to digest
  • Contains 100% whole grain

What You Might not Like About This Simply Nourish Kitten Food:

  • Customers say kitty’s poo smells bad after this food
  • Contains allergens and grains

If you’ve discovered that your feline has a sensitive digestion system, you should consider this Simply Nourish Sensitive Digestion Adult Cat Food. This recipe is available in wet texture as well. Just as the name implies, the sensitive digestion formula is meant to promote your cat’s healthy digestive system while maintaining its overall well-being. One of the perks of this recipe is that it contains two types of live probiotics to maintain gut health. It also contains wholesome chicken and whole grain to provide your feline with the nutrients they need.

Simply Nourish Sensitive Digestion Cat Food For Adults

Top 5 Ingredients::
Deboned chicken, chicken meal, brown rice, oatmeal, dried peas.

The two first ingredients (chicken and chicken meal) work as a great source of proteins. Brown rice and oatmeal deliver carbohydrates to the cat’s body, ensuring they have enough energy to play, run, and discover the world around them. But on the other hand, the grains might be hard to digest, so be mindful of that.

The kibble might be too hard on the cat’s teeth.

Good Stuff About This Simply Nourish Sensitive Digestion Adult Dry Cat Food:

  • Whole ingredients without artificial flavor triggers
  • Rich in proteins but moderate in fats and carbs
  • Affordable price compared to the quality of the ingredients

What You Might not Like About This Simply Nourish Sensitive Digestion Adult Dry Cat Food:

  • Some cats don’t like it

Simply Nourish Wet Cat Food Reviews

Simply Nourish canned food comes in 28 recipes in different textures. Whether your cat loves stew, shreds, morsels, or pâté, there are formulas for any taste. You can find food for kittens, adults, and senior felines. The brand offers a great variety of tastes, including meats, poultry, fish, and seafood. If your cat is a picky gourmet, you’ll find the recipe that would please their taste senses. All four series of cat food are presented in the wet food category.

Simply Nourish Wet Cat Food Tuna & Chicken Stew

Let me introduce the wet cat food category with a Simply Nourish grain free cat food review. This Simply Nourish Flaked Stew Wet Cat Food with tuna and chicken flavor is one of the best-selling products. This formula has a texture similar to shreds and flakes to be easy to digest for every cat. It has a comparatively high level of protein, an average amount of fiber, and low content of carbohydrates and fat. This is proven to be the best diet for cats as it is close to what wild animals are supposed to eat in wildlife. The moisture level is pretty high as well (83%), which allows avoiding dehydration in cats.

Top 5 Ingredients::
Tuna, chicken, tuna broth, water sufficient for processing, carrots.

As we see, the biggest source of proteins is tuna, which is a quality natural product. Chicken is another source of nutrients, so by feeding your feline with this formula, you can be sure that the furry friend consumes food that does only good. This grain-free recipe does not list by-products and fillers that are not desired in the cat’s diet.

After Simply Nourished switched to another packaging, some cats refuse to eat this recipe.

Good Stuff About This Simply Nourish Flaked Stew Wet Cat Food:

  • Is made of high-quality ingredients
  • You literally see what the ingredients are
  • High protein and fiber content
  • A lower amount of fat and carbs

What You Might not Like About This Simply Nourish Flaked Stew Wet Cat Food:

  • Some cats refuse to eat this recipe after the package update
  • Too many vegetables

Another wet food option the company offers is Simply Nourish SOURCE Pate Wet Cat Food. The Source line of cat food is distinguished by high-quality proteins excluding grains, GMOs, glutens, and other stuff your cat is not supposed to have in their diet. This high-protein formula comes in the form of the pâté with a chicken flavor and is immensely loved by furry friends.

Simply Nourish Source Cat Food Canned Chicken Pate

Top 5 Ingredients::
Chicken, chicken broth, chicken liver, potatoes, potato protein.

The brand uses chicken as the main source of proteins. This Simply Nourish formula doesn’t have gluten or grains that are unnecessary in the pet’s diet. These products are replaced by veggies like potato and peas that are considered to be nutrient-dense and serve as a great carbohydrate source that delivers energy to the feline.

Put the unused portions in the fridge as the canned food gets easily spoiled.

Good Stuff About This Simply Nourish SOURCE Pate Wet Cat Food:

  • Quality ingredients packed with nutrients
  • Meets the nutritional needs of cats
  • No grains or glutens for easier digestion

What You Might not Like About This Simply Nourish SOURCE Pate Wet Cat Food:

  • Gets easily spoiled if not stored properly

Is Simply Nourish Good For Your Cat?

Preview 3

Of course, you would like to feed your feline with the most balanced and healthy diet. That’s why you are here reading different reviews of the Simply Nourish brand.

First of all, I would like to say that Simply Nourish cat food, both dry and wet, is definitely worth your attention as it contains only high-quality ingredients you can find in your fridge. With this in mind, I could say that these delicious and well-balanced formulas keep your feline healthy at any life stage. There are diets for kittens, adults, and seniors to cover the needs of your pet as they enter your home and get mature. They also developed a series to meet the dietary needs of different cats.

All the recipes of this company are made of deboned poultry, meat, and fish. You can see all the wholesome pieces of meat, veggies, fruits in canned formulas. Dry formulas contain the same ingredients but in a different texture.

In general, Simply Nourish canned and dry food is one of the best solutions for felines in the same price category.

What Are Pet Owners Saying About Simply Nourish?

Before I set to writing a review of the cat food brand, I usually learn what the customers say about it. Even though I run my own investigation that implies research and the use of the company products (if they are worthy ones and won’t do any harm to my furry ones), reviews of those folks who have been using the cat food of the analyzed brand for a long time are the most precious ones as they show the true value of the product.

Simply Nourish has a loyal following. Many pet parents choose this brand to feed their cats and dogs because of the ingredient quality and affordable price. One of the Simply Nourish indoor cat food reviews proves this statement and accentuates how the owner’s cats love this food.

review 1

Pet parents say that their cats love the taste of the Simply Nourish recipes. Even those picky eaters have found the formula they truly love.

review 2

Simply Nourish impulse cat food reviews state that these dishes are loved by felines and their owners. What pet parents love about these recipes is that they don’t have to cook because this food is made of quality ingredients. Kitties are also crazy about the texture and taste of their meals. The only concern is that some youngsters enjoy the formula so much that they can’t stop eating it.

review 3

Even though most reviews of this food are positive, there is still a fly in the ointment. According to Simply Nourish cat food reviews Reddit, some customers had problems with their food as it contained plastic pieces in the bottom of the bag. None of the pet parents had the same issue, but still, this comment poses a serious concern.

review 4

As I looked through Simply Nourish canned cat food reviews, I noticed another common concern - the package update in the grain-free formula. Originally, all the recipes were in metal cans, but then they underwent several modifications, and now all the cat dishes come in a plastic cup. Some cats failed to appreciate all the changes and refused to eat the meals from plastic packages.

review 5

One of the common Simply Nourish cat food problems is that pets do not eat it. Luckily, there’s a great variety of flavors, and you can pick the one your feline will truly love.

review 6

Is Simply Nourish Worth Trying?

If you are hesitating whether to give Simply Nourish a try or not, just do it. This company produces wholesome cat food that won’t cost you a fortune. Compared to other brands at the same price, this one has ingredients of higher quality and contains fewer artificial additives. Even though the Simply Nourish products are sometimes loaded with plant protein, it is still free of by-products and other harmful ingredients.

Moreover, Simply Nourish is recognized for including wholesome meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit to be a great source of proteins. By the way, almost all products of this brand have high protein levels to ensure your feline gets enough energy from food and sustains their muscles in good shape.

Having four product series for cats, you are guaranteed to find the formulas your felines will enjoy. Either you are looking for a delicious meal to feed to your kitty or need to find a sound solution for your furry friend with digestive issues, you should start your search with Simply Nourish. These recipes are loved by cats and their parents, so try their products out and you won’t regret it.

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